Propaganda is everywhere!

Scarry & Scarrier still

Nope I don't think it's a good idea for a goverment to keep track of every citizen, "that's not freedom" Yes I do understand they will start with foreing people however, the majority of these people come here to be free, not spyied upon just as their own goverments have done. However how about profiling, first foreingners then what? religious views? "that's not freedom" Osama Bin Landen said he would change America, by what I see, "he already has!!"

We should not loose our civil liberties, this is what makes America, I would accept tighter security in Airports, Train stations, Bus stations, in general any form of public traveling. I would also support a tighter watch of our borders, however I don't support to loose Habeas Corpus, nor unreasonable searches, just cause you look "arabic" I'm hispanic, I look arabic.

And no I don't expect an Attica, nor a 1994 Orson Orwel movie version of the future either. At least not in my lifetime.

Nor do I support the goverment to be reading my e-mails, nor wathc just were I surf, nor do I support any infrigement upon my basic right of privacy!! "that's not freedom either"

Who has gained the most from this attack? I see the US goverment becoming so powerful these last two weeks, that I would not dare say, that some how we were involved in these attrocities in NY & Washington. The NSA is a very powerful entity in this country, they had to know these individuals were in this country. Also if I know of a criminal, and know he's about to commit a crime, are't I as quilty as the perpertrators after the crime has been commited? If I don't do nothing to prevent it.
Propaganda (reply to shrike)

Please understand that the US government was so quick to point fingers because they were in no way surprised by the attack. In fact, they were expecting it. The government did not randomly point fingers. Events of the scale of the recent bombings require resources. The government is very adept at monitering resources. The list of people and/organizations who could have had the resources to pull off the wtc bombings is very short indeed. However, that does not mean that the government has not seized the oppurtunity to instill fear among Americans in an effort to further its own agenda. The governments message is clear. Fear the terrorist. Fear the Arabs. Do not fear the fact that your personal freedoms are being plundered. Do not fear the fact that the media is bottle feeding Americans lies. The federal government will make everything all right. Just trust the government and everything will be ok and you will be safe again. The government will let us know when it is safe to leave our homes and go for a walk. The government will let us know when it is safe to turn off the surveillance cameras in our homes. The government will remove all terrorist insurgants in your community.(those who do not consent to the search and seizure of personal property that may contain "secrets" against the government). If we are lucky a federal agents may be assigned a post in every public restroom to insure that no secret plans can be constructed by "terrorist" to jeopardize your safety. Of course money is dangerous too. We will have to discard our current currency and opt for cards with magnetic strips that contain all our financial records. The government can then track every purchase you make and determine if you are a "terrorist" or not. The government will keep America free at ANY cost. And if you are not willing to pay the price with your personal liberties, then you MUST have something to hide..........
People, listen.
This is just a question, ok???
No picking on me, just a question, I heard this on television, yesterday.

What is this talking about bush sending money to Pakistan to solve their debts to other countries, so Pakistan will sure be a good friend in an eventually war????

The population of Pakistan is not quite happy with this. They demonstrate, because they want to fight America.
So, if the government of Pakistan say's ok, we are the allies of America, but the population of the country does not, what then??
You think the government of Pakistan can force their people to fight America??
All of them??
I guess not.
Why did bush do this??
No throwing at me, I am on the side of you, not the side of the enemy.
Don't forget that.
This was a question.
Who will give an answer, without being angry at me....
Thank you.

By the way, off-topic, MuliBoy, personal mushroom picker?? I need one too, can I join??
Why did bush do this??

There are two sides to the story. The negetive side of me says that he did not have a choice and that the money will not produce any good will because paying the debt does not change the quality of life of avarage pakistanis the next morning.

My positive side says that, hopefully the Pakistani Government can take a proactive spin and work with the people, that is what we in America expect. But it is a big BUT. - there needs to be a comprehensive formula.

How smart Bush cabinet is, we will find out soon.
Kmguru, I hope that bushes cabinet is worth your trust.

I mean it really.
The bad feeling does not go.
It points in your, America's, direction.

Maybe I am wrong, this time.
For once...
Please, let me be wrong here.
I have the same bad feeling Banshee. I hope that feeling is just jitters. Even though I am optimistic, I am not stupid. I am going to hedge by bets by preparing for the WWIII, in the next 10 years. For the next two years, I suggest, have plenty of food and medical supplies in case there is a major disruption in the services. Next time, the terrorist attacks will not be limited to USA.

If there is another major incident here, I have a feeling , we will level Afganistan into a plain.
I'ts good to have the jitters

If you own a home, buy gas, if you have land, store water, keep your guns, and be like a Texan, "shoot first, then ask questions" I on the other hand am pretty bad shape, no home, I live in appartment, plenty of food, however I live alone, it goes rotten quickly, I do expect food prizes to rise, I also believe gas prises will soar.

Will see, keep your head, and hold your guns!!.
Maybe we should make some propaganda to WORLD PEACE then!!

If the feeling gets worse and worse, I tell you, be careful...
Sometimes I am wrong, most of the time I am not.

The next attack will come yes, but not in America.
I agree on that with Kmguru...
I think Europe is next...

Let us all hope it will not happen, please!
It is the only thing to do.

However, Afghanistan changed in a plane, makes me laugh.
Imagine...It is not a great country, maybe it fits in a large plane..
Haha, sorry, but think of it, Afghanistan as a plane, yeah, with enough torture for Bin Laden to be scared the rest of his pathetic life..

This is outrageous, I do not have to say such things, I may not.
I am sorry, but imagining it, it is really good..
;) :p

Of course there is propaganda. Like any other powerful organization, the U.S. government has interests, interests which are well-backed and well-financed. Like any other government, it has people, citizens, subjects, whatever.

Propaganda, btw, is spreading information designed to manipulate people and promote a doctrine or a cause. It does not necessarily have to be false information, just information intended to convince people to think a certain way. People are also easier to manipulate when they're in fear. America does not engage in wholesale fear manufacturing, because it is not an oppressive regime (for the most part); but events like last week's that cause fear to generate itself are a massive opportunity for pushing those interests that We, the American people, would otherwise dismiss off the bat.

Be on the lookout for calls to restrict your freedom in the time to come. Hey, you're scared. You don't really need the right to protect your speech with cryptography, do ya? Nor the right to own firearms ... heck, you wouldn't mind letting a few real nice men from this federal agency come in and look around, do you? Just to make sure everything is OK.

The U.S. has wanted a war in Afghanistan for some time now. Thanks to the WTC incident, whoever is behind it, now they've got it. I hope their heads (and hearts) are at least within walking distance of the right place ...

<i>"The U.S. has wanted a war in Afghanistan for some time now."</i>

I need you to explain that assumption to me. I have yet to hear a call for war in Afghanistan.
Somewhere I read, we were talking about Afghanistan in July...

Terrorists may strike Europe next with the intent to disrupt the coalition. Then will come our turn unless we get them first.

Go... George... Go...
Man, don't you do that.
I dislike that bush so...
And now I hear this, USA was planning to attack Afghanistan?
It gets worse and worse...
You see...

Go down bush...Go down...

I am sorry for all Americans, but this, no, I do not take it that he already planned to attack Afghanistan.
Man, if bush really planned this, it is bad, more bad than I thought
Is this true?
Really true??
I hope not.
Whatever, if they want war, it will be war.
No matter what we think.
A terrorists strike in Europe would only serve to strengthen the coalition. Any terrorist attack right now would galvanize world opinion. The radicals would be cutting their own throats if they did such a thing. As for Afghanistan, an attack now would bring on to them an international army, which is what will be required to extinguish the internal problems of that country.

<i>"It points in your, America's, direction."</i>

Hmm, I have a positive feeling about our future. Once again, we will succeed. If we do not, the whole world will suffer. Everyone's ship is tied to America's future. Pray that it does not sink.
I have a feeling UK will be the next victim. But then again, nothing could happen for a while. After the embassy bombing in Africa, we did bomb Osama's $10 tents with $80 million dollars worth missile. Then they waited for a long time to find weakness and strike back. Let us see this time.

This time, we are going to smoke them out.... :D
I wonder how much knowledge we are gathering by just taking our time and watching--Afghanistan in particular, the Middle East, asia, and Islam as a whole. There must be a lot of activity in the regions involved right now.
What do you think those super computers are for? Door stops? Ya, we have Terabytes of data. If KMart can have 92 Terabytes of data about everybody that shops there, imagine what the government has. And since one department does not talk to the other. We have that much 10 times over.

And, for those who go to KMart to find a sale item and find the self empty, tells you how well people use those data. Need I say more???
After the embassy bombing in Africa, we did bomb Osama's $10 tents with $80 million dollars worth missile. Then they waited for a long time to find weakness and strike back. Let us see this time.

This time, we are going to smoke them out....

So are you saying that this time we will use smoke bombs instead fo explosives? :D
Lots of ppl gearing up for their MadMax debut? :D

Sure America will prevail (whatever that means). It is a time of growth for the empire isn´t it. Just a last great crusade in the name of the holy economy.
Gotta finish the last chapters in the tale of this civilization before moving on to the next thing.

Nothing to fear, you´re just part of history :D