Proof that God does not exist.

But he wants it to be that way for everyone.
No guess and you guess wrong.
You have no idea what I want...clearly you miss the times I have said I want a world without war and suffering and cruelty.
A world that one could hope a God would deliver to the folk he is supposed to love...a world where victims get free will not to be victims.

Ah! The atheist Swan song, followed by burial of the head in the proverbial bucket of sand hung around his neck.
Swan call a request for evidence a swan song...what does that even mean Jan...and as much as you may say it is so there is no bucket of sand around anyones neck on either side....what does it even mean so many other calls you make when you read it once you seem to make sense but reading it twice one begins to realise that you have said nothing at all sensible.
Anyways good to see you got done whatever you had to leave to do and you are able to keep promoting this thread.
Have a great weekend.
Alex Alex Alex! I have to shake my head.
This isn't good material to say the least..........Jan Ardena

[Jan Ardena sounds like Janardhan. Why did you choose this name?]

Anyways almost all the prolonged arguments on the point will reduce to God shaming, and he continues to smile.

Another extract from my essay..

Oh GOD, Are you there?

So the obvious question which comes to our mind is where to find the GOD? It takes us back to the process of finding the treasure in that treasure hunt game. We use some or all our senses that is eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue to find the treasure and of course we use our logical reasoning (intelligence) to make the next step in finding, and we may say that a person equipped with better intelligence and resources may succeed first, and the game is over.

The point is: Is this intelligence which primarily works on our sensing of physical material world sufficient to find the God? If so then we would have found him out by now or we would succeed in finding him sooner or later by traditional methods known to us and getting smarter day by day with the advent of very high level of intelligent computers. So we can safely claim oh God, we are very close to finding you, based on our acquired physical and material progress. This instantly will prove the majestic superiority of science over spiritualism, philosophy and religion, who are striving at a much faster pace to find the God.

Hey man? I am here?
It is not that the God is playing hide and seek with us. This is the question which is mystifying every thinker, every scientist and every person in search of purpose of life. Why are we here? Are we created by the God? Is the universe created by the God? How the God looks like? What after life? Is there any rebirth?

Well think physics and we fall short of answering many questions. Physics itself fails to answer the universality of certain fundamental constants, physics itself fails to answer its existence, and so expecting physics to find the God or find a method to find the God may be farfetched. Physics can find anything which can be quantifiable or observable. As soon as the observation aspect comes into picture we talk of five senses, that means anything which can be sensed (aided or unaided) through our five senses can be found out by physics. Physics is nothing but the study of matter, so for a moment if we assume that present day physics cannot find the God, then there can be very significant and revolutionary conclusions and these are:

1. GOD is just a concept used by some nerds to fool people in the name of religion/God.
2. Our intelligence is evolving and one day in near future we shall be intelligent enough, our knowledge of physics will be strong enough to find the God, if he is present in the domain of Physics.
3. God is not a matter, it is something else and it cannot be found by our five senses.

Jan never acknowledges the nature of faith. It's frustrating.
When you realise "faith" is mere opinion it may be less frustrating because all it boils down to is Jans inability to support an opinion...I dont see it need be frustrating it simply reflects an inability to give credibility to his opinion.

God is not a matter, it is something else and it cannot be found by our five senses.
Hi Rajesh.
It is nice to see you write about such things however given God can not be found by our five senses I can see why folk make things up and that they can only guess as to the reality of God and make up all sorts of things because they really can never know anything if indeed there was a God...unless you have another sense in mind.

I guess that is the problem I have... we know nothing and yet folk make up stuff really to suit their need of something more than their current one precious life.

And why because a religious text is thousands of years old should we think that the author had any idea at all and was not merely rambling in a delussional state.

You really should start publishing your works.

it's as if you should be shot for making such an inane and outrageously detached and inhumane statement.

i've noticed people like this haven't suffered much or at all. probably best to keep your goddamn mouth shut on matters that you don't know about then.

count your blessings that you haven't but don't be a monster and say that there is no such thing as suffering.

unbelievable. i don't want to read any fake (bs) rationalizations as a retort to justify it either.

Enjoy your suffering then, you don't want to learn obviously.
I guess visitor numbers are down


Northern Territory Newspaper Darwin

Hey Bishop we're not sell enough holy water

OK we'll drag out the ol' walking nun

I'm going to hell

concepts do not exist ie they have no physicality - they are just idea in the mind
Thank you for piling on the proof that God does not exist...
I was watching stuff on the first world war and I could not help but think if there was a God who gave us free will you would think seeing the absolute horror and senseless loss of life and the horrible life changing injuries a God of any capacity, morality or decency would have taken the free will gift back ...
Surely that is more proof that there is no God who gives a fig about human suffering...oh thats right suffering is an illusion..
These religious folk its like they have had part of their brain fried preventing rational long will humanity fall for this superstitious crap...

I like cage one fight the fighters second was his brother...during the rounds the brother gives excellent advice to the fighter.."Just trust the lord he will show you what to do"...well the lord stood by and let this guy get the crap punched out of him.

What stupidity.

Why would a God favour one fighter over another...the sheer arrogance of these dingbats is unbelievable...

Then they talk down to people like us who dont get sucked in saying we would not understand...arogance and ignorance in an untidy confused bundle.

I have been reading proverbs in the bible ...if the fire starts again I have some really funny and absurd passages that I guess your average theist would have to call idioticly stupid...but used in reply would be so funny.
They want religion I can find a religious answer for anything.

There is much on fools...judgemental twits.

Fight fire with fire (biblical quotes of nonsense) will be next and it will be hilarious.

However I am going bush for a couple of weeks of astronomy so can you keep an eye on things an keep those who want concepts to be real reminded that thinking about something will not make it become real.
Praying=talking to something that is not there without realising you have problems with delussion that cause you to substitute ancient unsupported superstition for reality.
Ever notice there's no huge pile of artificial limbs at Lourdes?
This miracle business is just that..a money making damn wonderful business.
Minimal overhead and clients who believe anything with out proof but happy to pay.

Why dont we get a miracle like an earth quake to stop ww 1 or ww2 ... and this saint would be funny if it wasnt.

What do people lack that this nonsense is still around in this modern and informed age...its a worry...I walk down the street and wonder is that one... could they do something crazy because God told them...

Anyways thanks for your support your on the mark observations are appreciated.

BTW, the best place in the world to contemplate the value of religion is a FOXHOLE.