Proof that God does not exist.

have self imposed break on procreation etc?

I'm reminded of a joke from a few years back which got someone's fired from their job

I think it was a religious person and the joke was told on a plane. The pope had just released a paper about birth control

The religious person who was stacked told the story of a Italian lady who was heard to say "He not play the game. He not make the rules"

Sums it up for me

It could be your ignorance. You are making a statement that your life is purposeless. I have no problem with that.
I would go more. NOT A LIFE

All life. LIFE in general from the smallest microbe to man. No life has purpose

It could be your ignorance. You are making a statement that your life is purposeless. I have no problem with that.
I'm not saying I lack a purpose, just that if it exists at all, it's self created.
No one is seeking any proof from you on the context, you just refer to a dictionary and find out the meaning of "faith", that would suffice.
One may define faith as not needing proof, but that doesn't mean I have to accept that there is any truth to the object of your faith. Until I'm convinced otherwise, it seems like delusion.
God is clearly a paradox. On one hand God is part of you or "is" you (Buddhist faith). On another hand God is an external "being" you should worship and respect, petition with prayers and sacrifices etc (Norse faith, Judaic faith, . . .).

Perhaps the first pov is the correct one, and the second is some kind of extension which is false but a way of coping with the concept. Perhaps faith without proof is misguided if you are able to see and experience what God is for yourself. Perhaps you already know what God is, but choose to ignore the obvious.

Or perhaps the true God is some external thing you need to worship without proof of existence. How do you find out? Maybe you can find out if God "is" you, and therefore you "are" God (or can be "with" God, whatever God is). If you do, say, does that mean you can understand the other pov?
You don't seem to have any answer for that.
I dont have all the answers but just because I dont have an answer that does not mean I invent one that has no support.
Which sounds the more reasonable approach...I dont know or God did it.
then don't you think you should substantiate your claim?
You are the one branding me so perhaps it is you who need present why you brand me so.
However I try to be rational.
And by the way, what would be the purpose of life (or remaining life) of a mule, a transgender, an impotent, women beyond menopause, a sterilized person, those who have self imposed break on procreation
I dont know.
To help others maybe.
I supose that you see their existence as support of God so perhaps you could explain how they all fit in the picture you have of God.

Are there things or creatures that are inconsistent with God in your view?
I thought religions have no tolerance for anyone engaging in sex other than for the purpose of raising a family so I dont see where the transgender fits in...could you please explain.

You did not comment upon my comment that if there were a God that everything would be clear and not hidden in scriptures that contain various problems?
Is it not reasonable to expect a God would make things absolutely clear.
Reproduction is not our purpose.
And really I agree.
My offerring was somewhat forced out of me somewhat as an alternative.
When I think about it I can say that I believe there is no purpose at all.
Folk seem to demand a purpose but they can not consider thst there may be no purpose.
Certainly if there is a purpose I remain ignorant of what that purpose may be.
I don't excuse statements because they are faith-based, which is the worst possible reason for anything.
I think this way.
Faith is mere opinion with no support in reality and therefore suspect in my view.
If thesists have anything more than blind faith I have yet to hear it.
We have two atheists here, one (Alex) claiming reproduction as purpose of life and another you contradicting him!
If there is any contradiction that offers no proof of God or do you think it does.
Your post carries the implication that all theists are somehow in agreement which if this is your claim I would like to see evidence.
Alex is wrong. We do have a strong biological impulse to reproduce, but I don't feel that's the same thing as a purpose. Purpose requires an agent dictating that purpose, even one's self, and a universal purpose would require a universal agent, for which there is no legitimate evidence.
You put it the way I would have liked to have done.
Belief of no God is in itself atheist and a religion of its self that has bent and turned to shape its own views
Belief of no God is in itself atheist and a religion of its self that has bent and turned to shape its own views
Atheism is NOT a religion

How can you think not believing is something / anything be a religion?

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to confirm none of us believe in god

Let anyone who now believes in god speak now or forever hold their peace

OK no believers

Congregation is free to leave

Don't forget to collect your raffle ticket on the way out

Next week's sermon will be on the disbelief of the Easter bunny rabbit who poos chocolate eggs

I agree.
Yet I see something funny in critisizing athiesism as no more than a religion.
It seems like an addmission that religion is silly.
:) Should we go on a recruiting drive

A crowd of atheist marching down the street with placards

We don't believe in god Come and join us

You have nothing to lose but your belief

You will gain back your donations to the collection box

You son will love you more now you can afford the latest computer games

You can sleep in on Sunday. Better in your bed instead of falling asleep during boring sermons in church

Just a thought bubble

Should we go on a recruiting drive
Yes. A unified approach to bring reality in from the cold.
Convert the Churches into usable space... Have the priests become fiction writters.
Hech leave religion in place because how could you find real jobs for those currently shearing the flock.
If only their skills were up to such a task.
A career in politics comes to mind.

You really want them to sink as low as politics
Even for this atheist I think that's a bit harsh

I did say shoveling Cowpats
Not creating them

Imo! yes it is!
You substitute all belief and faith in any God, and Believe and have faith in no God. Belief and Faith.
I say this is God, you say its not. Then my belief and faith vs yours at that point.
I would rather live as if there is a God and Die with a chance i could go to "heaven" or bliss. then die not trying, not believe and not try having faith, and be wrong.