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my praying mantis just shed his skin, then fell about 3 feet to the floor... He wasnt moving much before and is moving about the same, but does anyone know the amount of damage that could do to him?
How long has it been since he fell? How big is it? I know as young, they are very vulnerable to death while molting, since the exoskeleton underneath hasn't hardened yet. You'll just have to wait and see.

PS: Where did you get him, and where do you live (climate wise)? I have tried raising them from hatchlings before without much success (I live in Southern Canada on the West Coast...home of the mildest temperatures).
If its anything like a crayfish, a fair bit of damage. Make him as comfy as you can and hands off til he hardens up a tad.
hes about 1 1/2-2 inches, he fell about a day after he shed, he actually fell out of his molting as he was almost done - i actually bought him at a pet shop , hes from East Africa though, I live in Southern California so weather is about right for that.
After insects molt, they seem to need a bit of time to regain their energy. It will take some time as previously said by others. My tarantula needed weeks before it was back to normal. Did it fall onto carpet or a harder surface?
He'll probably be okay, but he may have still been a bit soft when he fell. I think it must take them longer to harden as they age (more chitin surface area), because as hatchlings it only takes a few hours max, and they are ready to go (although they are about the size of mosquitoes).
he fell on marble tile.. its been about a day and hes still kinda passed out, i hope hell be ok cuz now he has huge wings with orange spots on them, heres pictures of what type he is- before molting, then with wings

does anyone know how long approx it would take him to get back on his feet? hes been lying on his side since he fell out of his old exoskeleton.
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Thats a really cool preying mantis.

Even though he was soft when he fell he is obviously very light as well and it shouldn't have hurt him that much.
I don't know the score with preying mantises but many crustaceans and insects that shed their exoskeleton need to eat it to make a new one. Or at least to speed the process up.
I would have thought that after a day he should have become slightly hard again.
Its wierd how he's been lying on his side for that long, you sure he's not dead? :(
yeah hes moving, he responds to light, his wings are still soft and abdomen is not dull like it was before, still kinda glistening..his legs move but he cant walk :(
day 2...hes moving a little bit, but still hasnt gotten up... does anyone know how long it takes for insects to recover from molting? also he is responding to light and his eyes are completely red
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Carnuth......Why not just call the store where you purchased it from? It would seem if they sell things like this (to bad they do) they would be the people who would know more about them.
well the store i got it from was a reptile store, they sell insects on the side and dont know much...anyway, day 3 are hes not dead yet , heh ...
well, unfortunately he had barely survived his final molting and when he fell it apparently gave him a crippling injury. So hes gone now, thanks for trying to help guys =)
aw thats horrible:( I was seriously hoping he would get better.
Like weebee though it sounded strange to me that it would take that long to recover, because an insect would obviously be so vulnerable in that state for so long in the wild.
well from that site it said that failed moltings arent uncommon, possibly the humidity in Southern Cali isnt good enough.. Thanks again to all those cared =) his name was King Neptune btw ;)
I guess its "prayers" weren't answered. Sorry to hear about it dying.
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