Pot Growth isn't Green

Yes there was a show on women in jail and they were often there for a few years on pot possession (without intent to sell).
Yup. Totally worth it too. Destroy 3 lives for a few joints. Instead of one "criminal" the U.S get 3. Then they wonder why prisons are full.
If I have 3 drinks and go driving, I end up in jail. same thing

I think that my son and I got to see you in court a few years back....damm - that was 32 counts of DUI and driving under a suspended license.....did you get much time in state prison? Aren't those cuffs uncomfortable?

We were there because I filed a complaint against a pitt bull owner who had her her dog run free in the 'hood....Me and my companion both got bit.....

'That you, dear?

BTW: While I drink, I do not drive. Let us be smart, please. :eek:
Note: I normally drive, but sober. I do not drive when inebriated.

Yes, I do use spell checker. :)
If you really care about the planet, you shouldn't smoke weed. :m:

Marijuana: High on Megawatts

...When it comes to wasting megawatts, marijuana is the greatest offender. According to a 2011 study of indoor pot-growing operations, growers in the United States use about $5 billion worth of electricity to power lightbulbs, ventilation fans, dehumidifiers, and other appliances to mimic outdoor growing conditions. That's the output of seven large electrical power plants, or one percent of national electricity consumption, wrote Evan Mills, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who performed the study independently. Smoking a single joint, Mills wrote, is worth two pounds of carbon dioxide emissions....

what about the other bigger half of growers, like out doors? :m: these leaves don't help with the environment like other plants? or are you saying plants are our enimies?:p