Post Deleting

Press EDIT POST, you'll see a DELETE POST button there (top right). If I'm not mistaken there is a time limit though. If the button isn't there for you tell me what post you want to have deleted and I will do it for you.
I also have some posts (or even a thread) that I would like to delete because of bad formatting (of equations).

The threads I would like to be deleted are "Sum via Integration" and "Sum via Integral".
The second one so I can use that name again for an article that is well formatted, also for equations ...

Can someone help me to post an article in "pdf"-format (coming from "Latex"), preserving the image?

These are my very first articles, so any help is welcome!

Thanks in advance and have a good new-year! (Christmas has passed already)
(Christmas has passed already)
Don't forget to flush
Click your heels three times and shout “there’s no place like home!”

It sometimes works, but not always.

In truth, you can’t delete posts.
Stany: wegs is correct, you cannot delete posts.

1. For a post that is not too old, you can still edit it. Replace the entire post with [ DUPE ] or something to indicate that it was an error.

2. If you need an entire thread removed because it's all cocked-up, report it to the moderators and ask.

I have reported this thread to draw it to the attention of the mods. Can't guarantee what or if they're delete anything for you.

A final note: This is a discussion forum, not a paper submission forum. You should be discussing your ideas, and doing so in small enough chunks as to encourage engagement.

The fact that you are abusing the purpose of the forum is part of the reason why you are in this mess. Avoid posting giant pre-formatted treatises. Instead, discuss individual concepts in bite-sized posts.
The problem is that explaining my ideas involve a number of equations with mathematical symbols that are not standard (like the integration sign, sub- en superscripts, ...).

To deal with that problem, I got the advice (from "origin") to use "LaTeX" for my equations.

In doing so, I noticed that the "LaTeX"-output is in "pdf"-format.

So I tried to send the "LaTeX"-output in "pdf"-format, but I saw (in my prepost-copy) that the result was very bad.

Then I tried the "docx"-format: It looked rather well in my prepost-copy, but it didn't after posting!

So, to resume:

My problem is how to post a "pdf" (or "docx") message preserving the format.

Is there some other way to post a message holding non-standard symbols (like mathematical ones)?

Can you help me out with this?

Thanks in advance and happy new year!
Let go of the whole PDF issue. Just use LaTeX.

There's a Gotcha: The formatted LaTeX does not appear until after you've posted and refreshed the page.