Political cartoons

What I have learned from this thread is that people will only see thing is there own limited political perspective: Republicans will only see liberals as pansies and communist, Liberals will only see republicans as greedy and stupid, Arabs will only see all problems being cause by Jews, ect. The truth is that nothing is definitive and that nothing is clear, the only thing that can be trusted is that in general people only care about them self and politicians also represent the gross majority of the human psyche and only give a dam about them self’s, only difference is they have power. No matter which way you slice it the world is always ruled by greed, some one will always be getting the shaft and someone will always be profiting. Its is simply human nature, and a world where our political problems are solve and everything is a utopia is a world were humans don’t exist (at least not in un-engineered natural form)! This in principle is my answer to all political problems: Kill off all the humans, no more problems! My political cartoon would have to be the wise words of Red Robot:




By the way if I had to choose: "This Modern World" presented by spookz is the best political cartoon here, those that criticize it long texts obviously lack the mental capacity to read it, hence that’s all they can say about it.
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Frog March of the Greedy?

David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 20, 2003. (click image for update or archive of Horsey cartoons)

Stuart Carlson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 19, 2003. (click image for update of Carlson cartoons)
Big money

David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 7, 2003. (Click image for link.)

Tom Toles, Washington Post, December 8, 2003. (Click image for link.)