Photo reading???

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kaduseus said:
Speed reading works.....
Speed reading isn't about learning at high speed, it's about not learning crap!
Most of the words in a text don't need to be learnt, alot of sentances don't contain much info.
Speed reading is about skimming over the rubish at high speed.
However when you reach something that needs to be learnt your reading speed should be slowed so that you can comprehend it.

Wow. Very, very well said. Quite accurate.
I am wandering that if the method could be used for GRE reading?I hope someone can give me a brief answer.
For GRE reading:

Take a small amout of black tea. Close your ears with ear plugs and dig in....under a focused halogen lamp....
Nope.It doesnt help.I"ve tried this...I fell asleep...:D why dont you try partial reading 00D?...that will you out most definitely...

Hey i am interested.I am giving gRE soon... i am going to need any help possible...

zion said:
OR MAY I RECOMMEND reading Stryder's Posts? :D ;)

Not sure what your suggesting there.

although the whole essence of speed reading isn't just about the ability to read but the ability to post correctly (which I'm no master at)
Speed Reading Misunderstanding

I think some members are a bit mixed up. Looking over the past posts I see a lot about Photoreading, this technique has been debunked, check out the reviews on amazon for photoreading books and you will see.

Now speed reading is another matter and it has a lot of facts and positive experiences to support it. Unfortunately eyeq is not the best choice to learn because it is, as others have said way too expensive.

I am not going to go on and on about speed reading, you can do a web search to find reviews of products but I can point you to an article that I found very informative, it was produced by a software company offering speed reading software but the information in it is really good and it makes sense to me so it must be clear
LOL I found Sciforums because of this thread.
Then I joined because of the riddle thread. I could not answer any riddles unless I joined.
Photo reading

Thanks to all of you for writing so intelligently and in such depth on a subject that I knew little about but which appealed to me so much. The cost of a 3 day course in London is British pounds 625 plus %17.5 meaning total of 735.00I have decided after reading all the messages that I am not going to sign up for it. As one of you said, when you have to you will but more importantly, if you are inspired then it will happen..and you have inspired me to say NO! - so thank you all...perhaps I can buy if off someone...
thanks so much
When I joined the graduate school, I started speed reading the McGraw hill Science and Technology Encyclopedia. A few years later, I was flying back from Boston and found myself seating next to a student from MIT freshman, who had MIT jersey on and showing off. After a little chitchat, I pulled my Forbes magazine and started speed reading in about 5 minutes. The kid asked, how I learned to read like that. I said, doing many years of meditation. Poor kid mumbled a lot and said, he is going to search for a guru in Boston area to learn the meditation.:D
yeah i heard it and i can do a bit like that is like this
i was taught it years ago only i didnt go to far with it
i was taught that one already knows how to read so you dont need to read the words you look for key words then put it together in your head say for instance your reading up bout a certain persons birth date well your not gonna look for the word dancing are u .....u look for the numbers
and say your needing to read up bout births well you dont look for key words to do with swimming then do u u look for key words to do with birth
well ididnt go to far with it but it comes in handy sumtimes when ur in a rush
About 30 years ago I bought a photo reading kit with a plastic reader and lots of cards to put into it. A section of card flashed up starting with one word at a time and finally ending with a whole sentence at a time. The basic idea was that you took in a line at a time instead of reading it word by word, left to right. It worked. I read a 140 page book in 20 minutes and remembered much of the book.

However it is the difference between walking and jogging. You can effortlessly walk but jogging is pushing all the time and if you stop, you are walking. It was a continuous effort to read the book that fast.

These infomercials are a bit of a scourge aren't they?
Like most of posters I haven't done the course but just received the materials... it is "light" on anything but anecdotal evidence, then with participants during and at the end of the 5 day intensive... would be interesting to see how they are doing statistically 6 months later... all the participants not just the ones chosen for interviews. I'm willing to be open to it's claims along with a healthy dose of scepticism... so I'll post and let you all know how I get on..
Overall view is that success does seem to rely on a lot of mental preparation before the PR (which is only one part of the system), with a great deal of NLP techniques, affirmations, focus, state change & control, self hypnosis and intention built in... can't see much wrong with learning that. As for the measuring success I'm not sure how to go about it in a scientific manner so it will (again!) be anecdotal.. there are people out there who can do this kind of thing, eg Derren Brown (who put in 10 years honing his skills), so there is a strong possibility that others can learn to do it as well. That said, some people can run a mile in around 3:43.13, no amount of training means that anyone can tho.. but results will improve... As long as they stick to the practice and discipline.. you can't learn less!
There is the refund option too...
Photoreading not really working,,

I've read the photoreading book, and it didn't work after several weeks of practice, I tried photoreading books and didn't work, this is less than 1% of reading comprehension.

If this system really really worked, wouldn't be smart to change all educations systems of all the world? beggining with elementary schools, high schools and universities. if really works as the author claims shouldn't the goverment apply this system already?,
Reading GEnius vs PhotoReading

Well I just saw this thread.. and I know both systems really well. Reading Genius 2.0 is far better as it shows people how to get focused and control their mind. I was really suprised. The PhotoReading Class i took... was really 50-50.

!/2 liked it and 1/2 hated it. I didn't see anyone that loved it.. but with Reading Genius its 80/20 Like /Dont like.. and about 25% just raved about it.
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