Oxygen! We need ya'!

Okay, I deleted his most recent posts. If I missed any, or if you see this guy back, let me know and I'll take out the garbage.

Thanks, MoonCat! (And anybody else who steps in this pile of digital doo-doo and tells me about it.)
Oh, crimeny. AAAAA*hole crapped all over the place again in Relig. Debate. Don't you wish some people would just GET A LIFE!!!!
Y'know, I'm thinkin' - Oxygen, I seem to be on here a lot, maybe I could co-moderate with you??

I tend to disappear from time to time so I don't want to take the whole responsibility, but I surely wouldn't mind lending a hand now and then... Besides, I would love to delete those posts *drooling and rubbing hands together*..aaaah, yeah, delete, delete, delete!!! :D