Overpopulation is the Devil's work

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by game-junkie, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    Wait, ocean depletion, what does that mean?

    Oil depletion: there is still alooot of oil not to worry about for some time, you just need to digg deeper every time, and that is more expensive, and that makes oil more expensive by time.
    High crime rates: wich are not everywhere, depends on where you mean that is, are again human acts and failures, political, or economical reasons, etc...
    Food and water shortage: again, most rich countries, throw tons and tons of food, and agricultural products and not giving any to poor people or poor countries, just to make more money by making the product more expensive, as alot of people wants a product, and niot much of that product is avaible, it's cost becomes higher.
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  3. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    I think that's very arguable, crunchy cat. I could get my arm taken care of when we weren't grossly over-populated as we are today. It's also very contradicting. What about the people who are dying of hunger? Are we getting enough people there to help them. It's a catch-22 subject.

    Most of the problems could be eradicated with the help of the trillions in tax havens, which far exceeds the budget of the governments. Unfortunately, it is what the global elite want. They want the world in the future to have mass amounts of devastation.

    I feel if the population were dramatically lower. There would be more of a balance. More of an even keel as it were. We would still have problems of course.
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  5. game-junkie Registered Senior Member


    Human greed, wars, inequality,..etc... are all caused by over-population. We will never find equality, as it is far from achievable. I'd like it to happen, but we will never live in a perfect world. Science is it's own worst enemy.
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  7. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    Science is not the ennemy, ignorance have always been the ennemy, God encourages us to search for the truth, to read, to discover and look at hes creation.
    Greed have been there since the bigenning of humanity and have nothing to do with over population. Why are you living a 2x2 meters appartement or something??
    So you are blaming everything to be because of the over population? Why not on the way we live? The way the world is ran today?

    Will it help to say that mars is also having a global warming, also Jupiter?
    Will it also help to ask you read my post again? You didnt read all my points I see, you are not trying to discuss, you don't even read the replyes on your thread, you just quote and say the same things again and again, try to think and use that brain.
  8. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    You could walk into an ER day or night and get a broken arm taken care of. Overpopulation wont matter.

    What about people dying of hunger? Sounds like a one way path to more overpopulation.

    On one hand you are saying money is the solution to world problems (rather than less population as your original assertion implies). Then you are going on to say that a drastic loweing of population would lead to balance. What balance? What benefit? Why?
  9. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Greed has always been a problem, yes. But the escalation of the problem will always tie in with the mass population. It's cause and effect.
  10. game-junkie Registered Senior Member


    I personally believe we would live in a cleaner, more efficient and better world with a lower population. The economy would be easy to manage. Everything would be a lot easier.

    When you have many people trying to do certain things at once, everything can get messed up. When there's a certain amount of people doing something at the right time, everything can run smoother.
  11. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Sounds like we need more people to starve to death.
  12. seagypsy Banned Banned

    You know game-junkie, sometimes I have had similar thoughts to yours in the distant past. There may even be some truth in it, if you leave the devil stuff out of it. It's a stretch but I won't totally dismiss you. Afterall, I have thought the same way before, so I know where you are coming from. So I can offer one bit of advice.... get professional help before you hurt yourself or others. I am not trying to be mean or pick at you. I am sincere. I recognize your thought patterns as the same ones I had before a major mental breakdown a decade ago. Go see a doctor and if I am mistaken they will give you a clean bill of health, if not then you will get the help you need.
  13. game-junkie Registered Senior Member


    I don't want to hurt anybody. What are you talking about? It's sounds crazy, yes. As it's realism. People will always shun realism and hide away from the truth. It's human nature. This is the internet. I would never talk about this in real life, as i know how people are.
  14. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    There's always been people out there with conspiracy theories about the government. These conspiracies are scattered through thousands of pages, and are always looked at with skepticism. David Icke thought reptilian lizards ruled the world. Many people thought Germ Warfare was the government's intention when the AIDS virus's origin was finally revealed to the public.

    I will not mention any names but i have talked to somebody countless of times as he close friend and a very wealthy man. He's basically told me how it all works, and how the richest people in the world put their money in tax havens, or reside in zero-tax countries before this information was released to the public. It is no revelation now. It does not matter.

    Everything is arguable. Everything in politics and in the finance world is arguable. The same things work with science. People will always ask questions. People will always want to know more.

    Some questions cannot, or will never be answered. We can always keep pursuing for answers.

    It makes no difference at all but i will say there's an undertone to life which most people would never ever think about. It will never spring to their minds as the mass majority are are empty vessels who just go with the normal routine of life every day. Which may be considered a good thing. But if you're switched on to reality you can be labeled as crazy, or you can be shunned. All my life i have lived in a bubble where i have worked and done what it is needed to do. I have been a good samaritan as it were. Unfortunately, i have been attacked for being a good person. I have no problems other than that. You may say i have problems or label me crazy for saying something which is quite ''out there'', but as i said it's an opinion. Most people will slate my opinion, or anyone's opinion which is deemed abnormal to the general public.

    I am not trying to offend anybody, or hurt anybody. This is just an opinion, and as i have wrote in previous posts it doesn't necessarily matter. As the internet, doesn't actually matter. It is great howewer to find out factual and even non-factual information on the internet. I view the internet as a tool for information, much like a library. All the information you read perhaps has information which is swayed by the writer's own opinion and perspective. In every book you're reading something from a writer's perspective. In every written article you're also reading something from a person's perspective given the same evidence. It's great because you can interpret this information as you please. You may not like what has been wrote, or you may disagree with what the writer has had to say.

    The internet is another tool which can be used in anyway you want. On the whole it is not moderated enough, which is another issue.

    I could be even seen as a person who is not normal, as i do not want to do the social norms and socialize with people through means of alcohol. When people consume alcohol they can change perhaps for the best or for the worst. It's human nature. Social lives could be seen as worthless from another aspect. We talk about matters on a very minor basis in real life. I think perhaps it will always be this way.

    If you are different, and perhaps you express a view far different from other groups, you are seen as different. You can live life in the realist form of the word, or you can go back to the delusion. Switch off and not see the truth. And it's very comfortable to do so.

    I think perhaps that's the great thing about reality in a sense. For many it's great as they cannot see themselves when they're busy with life. I ask you, are you a generic?

    The human race will destroy itself in the end. Evolution will go through a recycling process again. Nothing lasts forever.

    The end will happen after the year 3000. We will not only regress, but we will destroy ourselves and the world by then.

    We feel good when we have more money in our pockets. So we can pay for security. We can live normal healthy lives. Or can we? I think that's the catch as there will always be stress involved in our lives.
  15. MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke Valued Senior Member

    You use a lot of words to say a whole lot of nuthin'.

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  16. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Well, there's nothing more for me to say. You can make up your own interpretations. Everything there is for me to say would be arguable. So it's a never ending cycle. The proof to what have been saying is all around us everyday. But we shut ourselves off for our own comfort. I won't delve deeper into this, as you can find out about the world's problems any time you want. You can find out about the world's problems through fabrications in the media, or elsewhere.

    Every human lives in group-orientated patterns day by day. It's how we live. We do not want to think outside the box, as it is deemed unnecessary and of little importance. So, we will live our lives. It's all we can do. We cannot break away from the shackles of society.
  17. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    I am not crazy. Nor am i depressed. I'm actually feeling quite the opposite. I will say i do view the world from an old lady's perspective at times. I sometimes find it hard to tolerate the actions of others. So, you could say i'm indifferent to people in that respect. I see it as a survival instinct as it were. I'm no misanthropist howewer. I do not hate the human race. But i do see humans as very flawed creations. It's one of them things. We cannot do anything about it, so we make exceptions.
  18. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    It's really not at all illogical. This is nothing new. Many people have said this for years.


    I won't post more links as i don't want to be banned. Although, this argument has gone on for years. Heck, even Bill Gates wanted depopulation.

    And there's many saying overpopulation is a myth.

    The manner in which i have created this thread is perhaps illogical to you. It's no suprise really. People are predictable.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  19. seagypsy Banned Banned

    This is a quote out of my own book. I have been where you are. Sure you feel content with things as is. In general I agree with your view of things, though your details of things seem very skewed. You say overpopulation is a problem yet bring up tax havens. Would it not be more accurate, based on your view, to say tax havens are the problem rather than overpopulation? Because if you think you are being rational, blaming the world's woes on overpopulation, then the logical solution would be to reduce the population dramatically. By that logic, mass murder would almost seem justified. Do you see where I am going with this? Your thought processes have the potential to make you a dangerous person. The world is not as bad as you are seeing it to be. Yes the evils you observe are there, but there are plenty of positive aspects to society as well. To ignore that fact is to create a self fulfilling prophesy of doom, and it is terribly insulting to those who go out of their way, sometimes giving their lives, to make society better. If you are only going to acknowledge the negativity in the world but not do anything about it, then you are part of the problem.

    You can find light in the darkest of places if you just open your eyes to see it.

    But if you cannot see any light then you are ignoring half of reality yourself. You are not as aware as you would believe yourself to be. Yes all those negatives are there. But there are as many positives.
  20. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Humans are like any other animal, in that they do what is in their nature. But humans like to think they are better than that. They've made religions that threaten eternal damnation unless we can modify or change our nature. In a society we do need to curb those things which harm other people. But we haven't been doing a very good job at that have we?
  21. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    The Global Elite have made their money through over-population. Us mortals cannot do anything about it.

    Another world war is approaching, and like many in the past, will die for a false cause. As wars are based on lies and fabrications. It's rinse and repeat. I can talk about history from the early middle ages and onwards, but you will see how everything goes down the same path.

    Wars break out when personalities collide. Wars over religion. Wars over land. Wars over cattle. Wars over countries. and it just goes on and on. It's all to do with population. Throw in all the personalities from history from King Henry VIII to Louis XII to Napoleon to Joan of Arc. Different personalities will clash.
  22. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Somebody hasn't been reading his memos. The second derivative of population went negative thirty years ago. The first derivative is universally predicted to hit zero before the end of this century, at which point population will begin to decrease.

    The population will peak somewhere around ten billion, and the earth can support ten billion people, at least temporarily. The relatively underpopulated Western Hemisphere can easily grow enough food for everybody. Inexpensive solar stills have already been invented for turning polluted or waste water into drinking water. The real problem with our population is not its size, but its organization. Hundreds of millions of people still live under despotic governments which prevent them from accessing the food and solar stills our charities send to them, as well as the oil-lens eyeglasses which overnight would allow them to see well enough to read and drive, and many other technologies that are available today, but only in relatively democratic countries.

    Settle down, Beavis. Political and economic freedom are spreading like wildfire. The U.N. goals for reduction of poverty by 2025 have already been met: Fewer than one billion people now live in poverty and for the first time since anybody's been counting, less than half the population of Africa live in poverty. The birth rate is declining worldwide, since it turns out that prosperity is the best contraceptive. Every year there are fewer despotic governments and more democratic ones. The Chinese, who were starving by the millions in my childhood, now have cellphones and TVs. Mexico is a middle-class country and its citizens in the USA are moving back home. Brazil is the world's sixth-largest economy and the Europeans would like to borrow their money. The economy of Vietnam, perhaps the most pathetic case study in modern history after my government saturated its soil with herbicide, is growing at a phenomenal rate.

    I'm too old to see the end of this century, but you younger people should be focusing on the real problems you will have then, rather than the problems of the 20th century. Every economic model since Adam Smith makes the unspoken assumption that a constantly growing population is the engine that drives prosperity. What will happen when the human population begins to decrease for the first time in about sixty thousand years?

    That rant looks like something you copied from a leftist pamphlet that was printed when I was in school in the 1960s. Please wake up to the realities of the Post-Industrial Era. The large corporations are dying right and left as the Information Age transforms this into a new kind of economy in which gigantic accumulations of capital are no longer necessary for launching vital projects.

    Overpopulation is not the biggest problem that the world faces. In your lifetime, or perhaps that of your children, a shrinking population will be humanity's biggest problem. If you kids would wake up and look forward instead of backward, you might be able to develop the institutions that will cope with it. You won't get there by digging through our attics and finding the picket signs we waved when we were hippies, dusting them off and waving them anew.

    We won that fight for peace, racial harmony, women's rights, secularism, democracy and general tolerance, although it will still be a while before it's over, especially in some countries.

    You kids have your own fight to win. Concentrate on that.
  23. Gregg Schaffter Registered Member

    Unless you have evidence that the wars are based on lies and fabrications, that can't be a true statement(thought it can be an opinion). The Global Elite have not made their money through over-population, they made it from the selling of goods. Over-population may provide profit because more goods are sold, but it isn't the direct reason why the Global Elite get their money.

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