Overpopulation is the Devil's work

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by game-junkie, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Overpopulation is the devil's work.

    99 percent of the population were created by accident. It's true folks. It's the harsh reality of life. Evil truth tellers hold the keys which open every lock.

    I heed you pay attention to your self-esteem. You will need it every day. As the world is taxing, and does not matter.

    You can call me crazy all you want. My opinion does not matter.

    Everything and everyone in society is living in a false world created by the devil. Science created this. Science created beings which destroy others. Science created evil.

    Everything we do causes something to happen. And it's the tragedy of overpopulation. It's the devils work. But don't think too much about it. We don't want you to think too much in this world.

    Cognitive functions are diminished by life. Humans switch off to reality.

    2015 is the year you will remember.
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  3. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Are you kidding with this devil shit? I'm beginning to think you just want to troll on a science forum. Good luck with that.

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  5. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    All these fashionable atheists may come out of the walls now i have mentioned the Devil with Science. As i said in the first post. My opinion doesn't matter. I am not trolling.

    As i know most people are living under a scope. Where they hide away from the world's real intentions. And they are quite dark.

    But we won't talk about them, as we don't want the human race to think too much. And for those who do, they will be shunned. They will be seen as wrong, and never right. And that's societies outlook.

    So we will stick with our group-orientated themes and harmonies.

    You cannot escape the rules and structures of real life. Which confines the human population and closes it down to reality.

    Which unfortunately is the tragedy of overpopulation.
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  7. seagypsy Banned Banned

    Sounds like an apocalyptic video game plot. In any case if your opinion doesn't matter why bother creating this thread?
  8. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Well, does anybodies opinion truly matter? We're just chemical reactions. We can scream and shout from the rooftops, but our word is essentially only our own. Our opinion is our own, or could be agreed by others. It doesn't essentially mean it matters. It's just a thing to throw out there.

    What i am trying to make out is, i have woken up from the constraints of reality. We are all held down by something in our lives. Perhaps in the most simplistic form. We cannot fight the laws of the universe, and we cannot fight and win every battle in real life.

    So essentially life is played out as roles. Or in groups. Humans work in groups, and in a sense. It's the thing which loses a humans self worth. Once we work in groups, which we have to. We lose our sense of value and self-worth. It's the polar opposite on how the government wants you to think.

    And my opinion would be heavily argued, and would be heavily disagreed by the mass public. As the mass public will only agree with things in groups. They do not want to see things for how they are. And this is one of the main problems in society today.

    Overpopulation is the biggest problem the world faces. And it's only going to get worse. We cannot help everybody. And the government will not even try to help them. It's convenient for them to keep their power in tax havens.

    So what shall the human race do? Shall we unplug ourselves from these neurological instances we face every day. Or shall we continue to be fed the same thing day in day out without any action.

    Unfortunately, we have no power. So what can we do to fix the world? We break away from modern day slavery. We become strong. Overpopulation is the spanner in the works in our quest for good things. As it always is.

    Heck, we can't get on with everybody? Can we?

    We can live in our delusions every day. And live in the same pattern of life. Go to work, pay the bills, do what we have to do. Switch off and be a normal citizen. Smile at the asshole down the street.

    Or we can wake up. And become a realist. We stop paying for season tickets, we stop paying corporations money they don't need, we stop driving cars polluting the world, we stop these things. But we won't stop these things, as the public is so enthralled and held down by reality. They do not know anything different.

    The people in control have everything in tax havens. They do not do the things you or i do to live. They don't need to. They have all the power, and the masses have none. To these people money is no object.

    The Devil runs the Global Elite.

    He's sitting there on his throne. Watching the world go by and he's laughing. He's laughing at all the suffering and all the strain the human race faces.
  9. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    I suspect he's trying to imply that he's stating a fact; therefore, his opinion doesn't matter. Of course anyone expanding his premise into a clear statement would end up with something similar to:

    "Human population exceeding an environment's carrying capacity is the result of one or more actions taken by a malicious non-human sapient paranormal life form."

    Naturally, after reading that the rest can easily be discarded.
  10. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    game-junkie, you're kind of all over the place so maybe it will help to focus on a specific issue. You are stating that overpopulation is the worlds biggest problem. A problem by its very definition is an obstacle preventing the achievement of a goal. You have already identified overpopulation as the obstacle, so what is the goal that it is preventing the achievement of?
  11. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    The human race will always be self-destructive, as we cannot see ourselves for what we really are, and why we are here. It's a sadness of life. We cannot see and find the meaning of life. We cannot grasp this. As the thing which is essentially ''not there'', is the thing which has always baffled us.

    Unfortunately, the human race was never meant to see the big picture.

    New scientific findings will never be the end to all our problems.

    We will always seek for more.
  12. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Overpopulation is our biggest obstacle today. And is the cause of all our hardships and problems.

    There's too many people on this planet, and this is exactly what the people in control want.

    Which is why we will never create equality.

    And i'm 100 percent certain we will never find out the meaning of life.

    And i'm 100 percent certain we will never cure every disease.

    Realism is the thing which people usually switch off to. As they do not need or want to open their eyes to it.
  13. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    game-junkie, you've made it clear that overpopulation is the biggest obstacle today. What you haven't done is define the problem. What goal is overpopulation preventing the achievement of?
  14. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    The achievement is simple - to solve all the worlds ongoing problems.

    Unfortunately, we cannot do this, and we're not allowed to do this.

    The finger is pointed at the global elite.

    Joe public will never ever wake up to this.
  15. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    You just stated that overpopulation is the worlds biggest problem because it prevents humans from solving all the worlds ongoing problems? Really?
  16. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    That's right. That's exactly what i have said. Overpopulation is the thing which is stopping us from solving the worlds ongoing problems.

    Trillions are hidden in tax havens by the global elite. They do not want any of the money to help solve the worlds problems. The leader wants overpopulation. He wants as many humans on this planet as possible.
  17. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

  18. Gregg Schaffter Registered Member

    Well, I think what the OP was trying to say is some parts of Science, including reproducing an extinct species or even human, has immoral values to them. But what does over-population have anything to do with it?
  19. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    1.Overpopulation will always be a problem with economic structures.

    2.Poverty is an ongoing problem, and will always be an ongoing problem.


    4.Global Warming

    5.High crime rates

    6. Oil depletion

    7. Ocean depletion

    8.Food and Water shortages

    And the list can go on and on. Unfortunately, there's no previous on-going goals achieved, as the problems rose as the population increased.

    It really is the biggest problem today.
  20. Gregg Schaffter Registered Member

    I don't think over-population is a problem per-say, but an issue that we have to find good solutions to, same as the other problems. Of course staying with the same course of life is not going to work, but if we continue to try to find a solution, there will be a solution that will work.
  21. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    You've listed 8 perceived obstacles without specifying what goals they are preventing the achievement of; however, to make your original statement true you have to list ALL of the worlds on-going goals and show how overpopulation is their obstacle.

    I am willing to bet that if you broke your arm then a doctor could fix it (goal: improved human health), that you can pick up the phone and call anyone you want to (goal: improved human communication), that you can read and write (goal: improved human education), that you don't have to worry about being eaten by predators on a daily basis (goal: improved human safety), and that everything I just stated occurs in the presence of over population. Did you take a look at the just for funsies link I sent you?
  22. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member


    I'm sorry i have not been here for a while, but when I have seen this, I couldn't ignore it

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    First, earth is capable of providing all our needs today, it's just the human greed, wars, inequality, and etc... that is killing us..
    We can always use only what we need, but no, people today, always buy and make what they don't need so they finally turn it into trash and destroy more forests and pollute more environements, and making people poorer, while others richer.

    2015? why?
    Global warming? You don't think we are that strong to change a whole planet? Even if we do, earth will just try to get things back to order by climate change, natural desasters, etc... and finally things will be normal, +the sun activity have a major role in that, always had, there have been many global warmings and ice ages over the history of earth, in wich humans weren't that much developed, and weren't 7 billions or whatever, like today.

    It is not he devil work, it is our work, it have always been.

    I do agree that the world today is so messed up, corrupted, wars, hungers, inequality, etc... and it may be correct to say that it is a devil work, but we always had a choice.

    Btw, the reason why the human population is high today, is because of sciene, and the good health care.

    P.s.: No I am not an atheist.
  23. game-junkie Registered Senior Member


    Yes. It has immoral values, and at times can stick out like a sore thumb. We can see immorality everywhere we turn. We see it on the television every day. In the media. On the internet. In public. All these things are simply down to one thing.

    I'm not trying to say people should not have children. But perhaps i feel there should be a limit on how many children they should have.

    You could even look at this as prejudice from another angle.

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