other taoist books

Understanding Reality
The Inner Teachings of Taoism
The Book of Balance and Harmony
Practical Taosim
The Secret of the Golden Flower
The Taoist I Ching

I don't know if they're all correct titles, I took them from an advertisment for "The Taosist Classics" Thomas Clearly, seems like they should all be in Chinese or something, But they will arrive soon, I'm acctualy getting them for free, hahaye, I wrote to the lady at Shambhala Publications, asking her to hold them for me, 4vol. set, since they were $135US, I don't know about you that would take me a while, and she told me I could have them for nothing, so everybody buy your books from here http://www.shambhala.com/
At the moment I'm reading <b>The Tao of Politics: Lessons from the masters of the Huainan</b>Translated by Thomas Cleary. It takes bits of the Huainanzi. It is based on Chuang-tzu and Lao's stuff but is written in a different context. Lao and Chuang's stuff was created when China was going to shit, the huainan masters wrote this when China was in a peaceful rebuilding stage.

And <a href="http://www.canonical.org/~kragen/tao-of-programming.html">Tao of Programming</a>

A master was explaining the nature of Tao of to one of his novices. "The Tao is embodied in all software - regardless of how insignificant,'' said the master.

"Is the Tao in a hand-held calculator?'' asked the novice.

"It is,'' came the reply.

"Is the Tao in a video game?'' continued the novice.

"It is even in a video game,'' said the master.

"And is the Tao in the DOS for a personal computer?''

The master coughed and shifted his position slightly. "The lesson is over for today,'' he said.