OSX- is it Aqua or is it something I'm doing?


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Hi, Dave ...

Just a question about the new thread and new reply screens. (Okay, I just haven't noticed it anywhere else.)

But it occurred to me that for the longest time I've been ignoring the Browse button for attaching files to the posts. Specifically, when showing in IE 5.1 for OSX for 10.1.2 (and updated) the button image isn't transparent, so that a white rectangle obscures some of the text around it (e.g. valid file extension info). It's hardly anything to worry about; even if I used the function more, it wouldn't bug me at all.

But I was curious if you had noticed it (it's possible you hadn't ...) Is it just one of those things about Aqua? Or is it big, bad Bill and his browser ... ad nauseam.

Anyway ... for some reason it finally occurred to me to ask about that.

But yeah, that's how not-a-big-deal it is ... I think it's done this since the March release. I had figured it was Cheetah, but nope ... so I went and forgot about it for a while.

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Hi tiassa,

I strongly encourage you to check out <A HREF="http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omniweb/">OmniWeb</A> as an alternative to IE. It's my full-time browser, and it's far mor elegant than IE. I suggest downloading the 4.1 beta version.

As for IE, it's just a very poor port of a Mac OS 9 app that wasn't very good to begin with. With Netscape out of the way, Microsoft no longer has any incentive to make IE competitive.
What is this? A working browser?

Aside from a few preferences left to set, OmniWeb 4.1b looks really damn cool. And yes, the display issues of IE in OSX are suddenly gone.

I feel so out of touch; a friend of mine used to work for Humongous Entertainment supporting MacSoft and, eventually, Infogrames (who bought Humongous). It was cool having someone on the OSX support team to walk me through the first few months of it. We still go through the usual online sources when troubleshooting, but without the constant data-feed from management, he and therefore I feel suddenly out of the water.

Good heavens, the text-highlighting in the reply window even works properly. What have we here? A browser that performs its basic functions? I'm hardly the sharpest user technically in the OSX flock, and if things get too functional, I might forget to keep up on what's going on.

Thanks much for the tip, sir. I haven't bothered with alternate browsers since iCab. This one would have slipped right by me.

Tiassa :cool: