Organic Food is Healthier: Bullshit.

When I talk to the growers they often have a great love of seeds and focus on taste issues. They are much less interested in the look of the product and often you buy rather strange looking, asymmetrical, but very tasty vegetables. Their products also need to have less of a shelf life, nor do they need to be bred for as much transport. So other genetic qualities, such as taste, can come to the fore.

That souns reasonable... an i also read in this thred that organic apples are known to taste better... well i tell you what... if the "Pink Lady" apples i get at Walmart tasted any beter i dont thank i coud stan it... lots of times apples are like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get... but 90 % of the time the Pink Lady apples will rate at leas a A or B in flavor.!!!