Open Debate: Evolution.

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Muslim, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. scibetel Registered Senior Member

    Funny how this all started out twenty-one pages back: Muslim challenged the science of evolution. All sorts of erudite arguments were presented. Muslim didn't budge. At some point, the discussion was switched, and Muslim was challenged to defend the Qu'ran.

    Religious literature is no match for science, especially if you read and study both.

    Next time, Muslim, you'll know better than to take the bait. Or, which may be more to the point, you actually initiated the challenge because you were dissatisfied with your parochial outlook and really wanted to know more about what the modern world can teach us.
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  3. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Challenging the science of evolution is similar to challenging the laws of gravity by walking off a cliff.
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