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Cosmictraveler said:

(Suite) Madame Blue by Styx


Dude, Tommy with that red Hamer? Priceless.

Too bad it's only an excerpt, though.

What cut is that, though? It doesn't sound like the Caught in the Act version, which held the note for twenty-one seconds.

Anyway, did you ever hear Styx (in a more current form) do "I am the Walrus"?

Which now tells me what to put on.

Styx, Cyclorama - "More Love for the Money"

Or maybe "Together":

Sometimes, I watch the TV news;
I wanna say what’s the use in trying,
'Cause come on, what kind of difference can one man make?
Yeah but how much more can I take?

I think back when I was a little kid,
I did what little kids did:
Played war ‘til I didn’t wanna play no more.
Hey and that’s when love stepped in,
Changed everything again.

It’s never too late for a summer of love;
Yeah, it’s cloudy here
But there’s a blue sky up above.

If we could only fly away from here,
We could say good-bye to all the tears,
And maybe we could spend the rest of our years
Together, we could be together.

These are crazy times;
It’s a different world;
Well, that’s okay,
Let it be that way.
We could lose our minds,
Or we could find our way;
We can change our world,
No matter what they say.


Not really one for the cynics, but that's their problem.
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What cut is that, though? It doesn't sound like the Caught in the Act version, which held the note for twenty-one seconds.

Anyway, did you ever hear Styx (in a more current form) do "I am the Walrus"?

I don't know which cut it is. No, I haven't heard the "I Am A Walrus" song as yet but will look for it on youtube. Thanks for the info. ;)
Floater, Acoustics ("The Misfit's Song").

On deck: Lou Reed, New York; Morphine, Yes.

Seems no matter how hard I try,
I can't belong;
These molds that I try to break, they are too strong;
Life cannot always be wine, women and song;
Seems no matter how hard I try I'm always wrong.

Make your mistakes, but steer clear of the brakes;
Godspeed to another world.
A search on the wing is a dangerous thing
If you shift your focus to another world.
Take heed, watch what you seek;
Everything's here, in other words.

Floater, "The Misfit's Song"​
Anonymous 4, Lammas Ladymass

Stone trippy ....

The polyphonic settings of the Ordinary of the Mass we have chosen are not specific to any occasion, nor were such settings organized into unified cycles until the late Middle Ages. The Kyrie is based on the popular "Kyrie orbis factor" tune still used today ... The bold, ebullient Gloria succeeds despite carefree violation of proper word accentuation. From a somewhat later time (the early 14th century), the Sanctus and Agnus dei are both based on plainchant and stress ensemble irtuosity. The Ite missa est is a gem of brevity.

With the exception of the virtuoso three-voice setting of the Alleluia: Virgus ferax aaron, the rest of the Mass Propers ... are set in plainchant of the highest art. In the Middle Ages, sequences (settings of double-versicle poetry with a rhyme scheme aa bb cc, etc.) were written in great numbers for local usage, the most beloved of them becoming popular throughout Europe. Among the finest and most expressive of these are two found in the 13-century Dublin Troper: O maria stella maris, attributed to the French poet/musician Adam of St. Victor (d. 1192), and Pangat melos grex devotus[/i, which closes this recording. The Offertory Recordare virgo mater (for the Ladymass on the actual feast day of the Assumption) has been troped, or enlarged, with a 12-line rhymed poetic setting after the normal Offertory text. Even the closing word "Alleluia" is troped.

The medieval motet presents an approach to text setting that is the antithesis of plainchant's unity, with two or three different poems sung at the same time over an untexted tenor that is derived from plainchant. Four-voice texture was relatively rare at that time, and, to our ears, had a somewhat higher rate than polyphony in two and three parts .....

(Susan Hellauer, liner notes)

Okay. If you say so. Ummm .... cool.

Stone trippy. And "versicle" is a really weird-looking word.
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