on building a minivan


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I was walking back to my ride to and from work tonight, which happens to be a minivan. A modest pale-green color to a car of no real virtue. Not exactly a car I'm proud to commandere down Rt. 45, but it gets me around. I walked up to it, thinking about work, and suddenly it hit me. This car, actually... looks... kinda appealing from this angle. That got me wondering, do the curves of this car come from some marketing statistic within Ford/GM/Toyota/whatever saying people like curves? I'm sure that was there somewhere, but I realized what I was looking at was not just a tin can on wheels.

A head designer of a design team, deep within the echelons of the automobile industry, was tasked to develop a new minivan, with a certain set of charachteristics, parameters, etc. etc. This designer must not have simply looked at some thumbnail sketches and picked the best one. I'd imagine he thought this car like he would a piece of art. It's his baby.

He'd design the ultimate minivan. A minivan of sleek wind-blown perfection, a workhorse of the family, protecting the inocent lives within it's metal skeleton from stifeling heat and soul-smothering cold. From rain, from hail, from lightening, from sun. Little ones will wait in comfort and security as the brunt of the engine grinds with all it's might through snowbanks and ice patches. It would be a savior, a golden shield against the lethal 55 mph drunken idiot. The engine roaring to life in prototype tests would, to the designer be, the breath of life, the scream of existence, the physical manifestation of his very passion. This car, in all it's splender and glory, would be of this designer's creation, developed not to be a trivial minivan, even if it is so, but as his very being manifested into sheer reality.

It struck me as kind of beautiful. There are many things we take for granted that someone or group of someones poured their heart and souls into it's creation. Human creation, no matter how commercialized it becomes to the point of things becomeing trivial, like "a minivan", is still an outlet of ourselves that cannot be expressed completely in any other way. A simple, emberasing-to-be-seen-in-minivan, is someone's workhorse.

I just wanted to share that thought before it slipped out of my head :).
That's rather nice now if only they would produce a hydrogen powered one it would be environmentally perfect as well.