Omicron- A friend or a foe??

It made me to think and evaluate some personal experience. These things happen on getting Covid 19. 1. Progression of Infection and its complications. 2. Medication 3. Immunity developed post infection esp antibody related. In addition to these, antibodies/ immunity developed by Vaccination.

Don't we need to check all these factors as real responsible factor to better understand about post-Covid 19 infection complication?
Above reply to Tassa in my recent previous post seems to be missed by you. However it is very important to understabd long Covid from different/all Povs. So you can attend it. Thanks.
A friend can mean due to decreased severity of Covud 19 or Delta virus in the enhanced survival benefit of human being. . . .Just a logical view.
Hana Horká, a Czech singer, decided to contract omicron so she could get the "benefits" of this "friend" including immunity from COVID. She wanted to be "done with Covid." Which I guess she is in a way; she's dead now. Her son had this to say:

"I came here because the debate is very important and I want to warn people. My mom wanted to get sick so she gets the Covid pass. She said to me and even publicly she wants to get infected so she is done with Covid. She was living by even at times unrelated information concerning health in general but there has always been this underlying thought that nature will take care of everything and only we know ourselves the best."

He was asked if he blamed the people who touted the bogus information that caused his mother to believe that omicron was her "friend." He said "I think so because those people have the power to influence."

So that's from someone who understands very well what your kind of misinformation can do to people. Let's hope we don't lose anyone else to such misinformation.
As such all medical information published on various sites can also be harmful or even life threatening.
Yes. Again, one should endeavor to not post life threatening information. "Omicron can be a friend" is such information, as the example of the Czech woman demonstrates.
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It's been five months, so it might be useful to look at the situation today. My latest county figures are for June 10, 2022 (they don't update on weekends).

We currently have 38 covid "cases" hospitalized in my county (which has a population of ~700,000). 0.0054% of our population. Of these, four are in intensive care and 34 are acute care beds. Again, there's no information on how many of these individuals were admitted to the hospital for covid-unrelated complaints, and their positive status only subsequently discovered by routine testing upon admission.

This is a significantly smaller number than in January and suggests that serious disease requiring hospitalization has not swept our community. And these months have simultaneously seen the ending of mask and other restrictions. Certainly nothing has happened during the last five months that justifies the fear that was being whipped up in the media as late as January.
Certainly nothing has happened during the last five months that justifies the fear that was being whipped up in the media as late as January.
Huh. Last January the media's tone was cautiously optimistic over Omicron. There were concerns, of course - and those concerns were realized, since 180,000 people have died since then, and a large part of them were due to Omicron. And peak death rates in early 2022 got very high indeed - similar to the highest rates of 2021. But so far it has been less deadly than earlier waves.