Objective reality: How do we know it exists ?

in this arena of philosophy/religions there have been very few 'good' contributers

i complimented you as i have become acclimated to dealing with the pessimistic

almost like a newyorker trying to fit into an amish community

i may do best at this point in a rats nest rather than here where you have the tools already to stand up and walk

basically, think of me as a preacher who gave up his magic

if the spell is broken, then i have no one to preach too

so this is what heaven is like!

objective reality is what it is , the fundamental reality , galaxies , stars ,planets etc. I can't change that and neither can you

now how you adapt to this realization is up to you

lets face it regardless of this realization , people hold religion in high regard because they have nothing else , poverty breeds religion

understandable though