Norton and MacAfee make their own viruses? Free money?

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I wonder about this.
Could Symantec and Macafee be responsible for computer viruses, spiking their own profits?
This just occured to me of a sudden.
Virus writers are people who are fanatically attatched to computers(so am i),they,in most cases are isolated,they want to show off their mettle to the world which doesnt put them in the list of credible programmers,they have limited or no(usually)friends,and if they have,then all of them in most cases will be the same...they are sometimes tired of the world crap,logic etc...certainly its quite possible or easy to hire such people(they dont care much about money,but just wanna prove themselves...and have some fun)so it might be that SOME viruses are designed by prgrammers hired by norton or mccafe themselves.
i heard it's possible the same thing is done with biological viruses. Scientists make diseases so that they could get paid to administer the vaccine. It seems highly likely that Anti-Virus companies like Norton an McAfee would make viruses for the sole purpose of geting paid to remove them.

In other words, it is very possible.
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