Nodosaur (Armored Dinosaur) Skin Preserved, Best Preserved Fossil Ever


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Over the last few decades, various theories have surfaced about the nature of the skin / feathers / scales / what-have-you of various kinds of dinosaurs.

At an excavation a mine in Western Canada near Alberta, an unusual set of conditions which included a rapid undersea burial have preserved the fossilized skin of a Cretaceous Period (110 million year old) armored plant-eating dinosaur, a newly discovered genus of Nodosaur. Freeing the entire fossil from its stone tomb proved no easy task. It took the curator of the Royal Tyrrell Museum about 7,000 hours.

Nodosaurs get quite large. This one weighed in at 1-1/2 tons, 18 feet long.

So it appears that not all dinosaurs are imagined to be related to large birds. The armored ones, at least, have skin that approximates an appearance similar to the skin of a large armored turtle or large alligator.

The link is to National Geographic. As you would expect, they have some amazing photographs of the find.
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