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Can we have a religion forum with tony1 in some way blocked?

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Though, this does bring up an interesting issue. Thus far sciforums has been governed by myself exclusively. Moderators have limited powers within their forums, but they have no global control.

The question is whether or not there should be a formal mechanism and procedures in place for grass-roots initiatives (such as the banning of members, creation of forums, moderator appointments etc.)

Perhaps any 'referendum' decisions could be made using the existing voting feature along with quorum and decision rules. For example, for a certain decision, 1% of sciforums members must vote and 66% of votes must be in favor. It might make sense to weight votes from members based on the # of posts they have made.

Just an idea.

Nah, I don’t think we need do anything formal. The tony1 phenomenon is so far unique in sciforums and I suspect the ‘ignore list’ technique may well diffuse the problem for now.

Since the vast majority of members are very transient then I don’t see that a truly fair scheme could be devised. I think we should leave this alone and deal with any issues that arise as and when/if they arise.

Admittedly Porfiry you've got a point with the Voting mechanics, at present a malicious user can tilt votes by being sneaking with multiple usernames, that haven't even posted.

Perhaps there should be a method of weighing it up, but how? Would you have a system of percentage... i.e.

50 or 100 posts = 100%
(I'd say 100 posts because 50 would easily be accomplished and when you get 500 posts you'd have 1000% or 10 votes. It would make the votes look more)

Each post would be classed as Clout (Okay so I knocked the terming off of

The more clout you've got the more important your status (exception = Tony1, for his miles and miles of incesent postings)