new paintings by yours truly * shameful plug :)


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hi all ... just got finished updating my site. I would love to know what you all think of my new work.

all paintings were created since September of this year, so they are very fresh ;) They are also all nudes, so be warned ...

take care,

(a sneak preview)
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Neat use of color! I liked "Quarrel" a lot. It had such a feeling of a dead-end argument where neither side is going to budge so they just sit there in resentment both of self and each other. (Been in a few of those myself:(, but not recently:).)

The pen and ink were pretty cool. Did you ever do album sleeves? I used to hang out with indy bands and a lot of their cover art had that same feel.
very lovely paintings! I love your usage of colour *:)* very nice
thank you all for your kind words.

I haven't done any album covers yet, but illustration and cartooning are both areas I study ...

I updated my site again- I know, I'm manic. the work there now is much better! haha

take care all