Netflix series worth watching

Coming back to this thread and seeing that the above video clip isn't available, anymore. And I'm not sure what series I was referring to, when originally posting that. :D Oh well.

At the urging of a few friends, going to watch this, soon:

It's a documentary dealing with the dark/criminal side of the fishing industry, but some critics consider it ''pro-vegan'' propaganda, laced with misinformation. Gonna check it out soon, and post my review.
I'm only a few episodes in, but this series is so far quite riveting.

If you don't mind reading subtitles or if your Spanish is quite good my wife has me watching this series with her......íso

It is shot in Colombia and based on a true story, (that surely they must have added quite a bit to because wow it is fast paced)!

Sin senos no hay paraíso (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise) is a RTI ColombiaTelemundotelenovela remake and loose adaptation of the original Colombian series Sin tetas no hay paraíso. The series is based on investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar's debut novel and features an attractive young prostitute who desires to have massive breast implants in order to attract a rich cocaine smuggler. The series premiered on June 16, 2008. It is based on a true story