Nazi & Post-WW2 German Architecture

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This one is a memorial of the Jews cemetery (a kind of cemetery museum). It's just right next to the Brandenburger Tor (Berlin gate), few hundred meters from the previous building (Reichstag Bundestag / parlemen building).

This one is not architecture from Nazi era, but it is also quite historical. The remaining of the paralel Berlin wall:


I love this one, it's very beautiful to me. Under the bridge, on the side of Berlin hauptbahnhof (Berlin central station). Not sure though, when was it built:

Nazi Construction:

* Atlantic Wall or Atlantikwall
* Autobahn
* Berghof
* Brown House or Braunes Haus
* Carinhall
* Congress Hall
* Deutsches Stadion
* Ehrentempel
* Flak Tower or Flakturm
* Fränkischer Hof
* Führerbau
* Führerbunker
* Gaubunker
* Gauhaus
* German Air Ministry
* Hall of Models
* House of German Art or Haus der Kunst
* Hitler Youth Clubhouse or Hitler-Jugend Heim
* Jena Brücke
* Königsplatz in Munich
* Eagles Nest or Kehlsteinhaus
* Nazi War Memorials
* Nazi party rally grounds
* Obersalzberg
* Olympic Stadium, Berlin
* Ordensburg Krössinsee
* Ordensburg Sonthofen
* Ordensburg Vogelsang
* Prora:

* Reich Chancellery or Reichskanzlei
* Soldatenhalle
* Tempelhof International Airport:


* Thingplatz or Thingstätte
* Triumphal Arch
* Volkshalle:
* Winkeltürme
* Zeppelin Field or Zeppelinfeld
Long ago, I went to "Technische Universität Darmstadt", but got home sick and has a nice architecture

Oh, I've just noticed that the title of this thread is slightly changing.

Long ago, I went to "Technische Universität Darmstadt", but got home sick and has a nice architecture


Yea, the building is quite old and beautiful. If you like old romantic building, you should visit Trier, it's an old but pretty city.
Nazi architecture seemed excessively grandiose and impersonal, much like the furer himself.
Much of the German culture at the time was focused around this quazi-philosophy that Humanity had conquered and became greater than nature.

The mix of natural-supremacy and modern efficiency was the architectural it seems.

However...I personally believe that artisanship (of any kind) supersedes the shallow notions of the time. The German philosophy was truly great, and truly Greek in many aspects.
Thanks for sharing your pics. That's a spectacular picture of the Thingplatz! I teach history here in Peking and created a site using the pics I took of Nazi architecture when I travelled around Germany if you're interested at "Traces of Evil"
Except for the rightwing flags this architecture is beautiful. Compare it to any US skyline today. Glass towers designed to be demolished every other decade to be replaced by more glass towers. Absolutely zero character or quality involved.

I agree, except that the flags are actually left-wing. :cool:
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