Music Influences

Janis lived the life and paid the price....sad tragedy her's.

Now one of my favorite bunch of Scots musicians
The Tannahill Weavers reside in your country
and have told me it is the most civilized place
on Earth ! Could that be so ?

Europeans always seem so much more eclectic
than Americans..I have seen Juke-Boxes in the
UK that seem to have never been changed since ELVIS !
( save the addition of current hits )

Bye the bye
The Delaware Destroyers
w/ George Thorogood are from nearby here
and currently more popular abroad than USA way !

go figure !
LordDeLaWar, the Netherlands is a real 'paradise' if you compare it with the U.S.

No stupid laws and rules, much more freedom there and nobody can come look at what you have been doing at your p.c. if they have the idea you did something wrong. (illegal in the police's eyes, Law)

That is a lot different then in the U.S. where the police checks everybody out and have the right all of a sudden to search your car if they have a lightly suspicion of smoking some good Marijuana.

All legal in the Netherlands. Which doesn't count for alcohol. If they stop you in the Netherlands, most of the time they check if you have not been drinking. If you have been drinking, they take away your drivers license for some time. And of course they check your drivers license and roadtaxeses and if you have an automobile insurance.
Guess the police in the Netherlands is much more friendly also.

But this is real off-topic.:)

So let's continue with Bobby Lee's thread about Mucians. Ok?

The Janis Joplin story I know very well, just like Jimi Hendrix. They were around at the same time and had both a rotten death...Real sad...For these 2 are great Mucians and their Music lives on.

Bobby Lee, what do you think about Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix?:)

Do you have some other Mucians you want to tell about?

I really like the stories you tell about the Mucians.;)
Banshee/ Reply

Jimmy Hendrix was a music icon, unfortunately he had a "Monkey" on his back called heroin.

His upside down guitar playing is still considered to be tops.

He came along in a period of civil reform.

Jimmy gets a 10, on the scale of 1-10 on the artist scale.

With songs like "Purple Haze" and "Hey Joe" he contributed to the 60's revolution.......get it, listen to it, enjoy.......

Janis Joplin/ A tribute To Pearl...

Janis Joplin has no match, of course no original artist does. Its their own stuff.

With the last album she made "PEARL" she sold kazillions of copys.(Thats a

Songs like "Me and Bobby McGee" and so many others she is still a music icon to this day.

As others, she had a hard time with fame, a "Monkey on her back, and a set of personal issues from childhood. It made for a passionate singer unmatched, but it was a lethal combination.

Here is to "PEARL"

Britney Spears another..

Britney Spears;

Britney Spears still kickin it on the charts, she's doin it again.

With the looks and Charisma, and a state of art sound system, we should be seeing her staying power for along time.

"Do It Again"

Britney in my opinion has the hearts of millions, and what a woman she's turned out to be...........PURRRR!!

I say she deserves her spot.

Good job Babe...........

Rebba McIntyre

News wire reports;

Rebba's music still holding a market!


Rebba is a "Star", she is a dynamic multitalented woman who knows how to get what she wants and needs.

She has her own sitcom, and a music career. What a combo!

With the personality and Charisma that put her where she's at, we should be see alot more of Rebba in the future..

Not only that, she's a native Oklahoma girl, that gets her a big applause in my book, of course Im a little

Mick Jaggers and Paul McCartney Take a Beating From the Media..

New wires international critiques dis Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger as well as many other Classic Pop-Rock artists!


This may all be fine and good if your a young pup doin it for the money! Did the critiques ever stop to think that after 50million dollars or so that these artist do for the ART??

They dont have to compete anymore to pay major label overhead and costs.


On a competitive level, none could rival the Stone on a live performance level. Anyone commenting on this hasnt been to a concert of Micks and the Stones, if they had...well?

Paul McCartney doesnt need the approval of the snip noses, and neither does Mick, they are doing it because they are real artists who enjoys what they do best!

Getting a message to a audiance, and doing like no one else can.

If you ever saw them live you would go back again and again....

False reports say they are slipping in the market.

Read their there portfolio and "EAT CROW!"

"A Tribute to The Founders Of Music Art!"

Jennifer Lopez, Rings the bell...

music news wires report;

Jennifer Lopez get nomination for music awards.


Ill say it again, she has the looks and the staying power of true star quality! She came from the bottom, and refuses to be kicked back down. I give the girl a A+ for these admirable qualities that have earned her the rights of being where she go girl!

Trivis Tritt


Travis was a heating and airconditioning man before he got his break in the music business. There was some concern by top exec's that there would be no stay power in the market for him.

Guess they missed that one. I've been watching and following Travis from afar for sometime now. Its my opinion that he is a professional with the passion in his heart to remain on top for along time in the music industry.

I saw some years ago a video he did with the members from the "EAGLES!" It was a remarkable performance that I wont forget. Since he has continued to maintain decent revenues and hold his own in the hardest occupation there is, POPULARITY!

Good job Bubba........

Bobby James Lee
New Band "CREED" releases album

12/2 on My VH-1 Music Awards ;

"Creed" a new face on the Band scene has released and album..

"Here they are, and doing a good job!"...

Lets give them a listen, and see what transpires in the next few months? Im listening!

"GET IT NOW", "THE BAND CREED!"...........with Mark Tremonte on guitars.

Tour dates announced.......get it at "Creed" sites


A New review, and refreshing!;)
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Kidd Rock....My Observation.....

mvj news wire report,

Kidd Rock, Rocks!!

I saw Kidd Rock on MTV not long ago, dressed in the "RED, WHITE, and BLUE", with a "Uncle Sam" dress, and a show to match the big guns too..

I watched him as he performed the show for thousands on network and live.

He is a professional in his own right, as far as I'm concerned.

I was impressed with his stag demeaner, and it was very well orchestrated.

Kidd Rock get a A on my list for that one! Keep it kickin!!

Bobby James Lee
New Talent...

There are so many artist worth mentioning that I must acknowledge their contributions, so here is to the ones I've not mentioned. Thank you so much for your contributions to the Industry. I'm sorry I missed so many in this short dissertation! However, I'll get to ya soon.......promise!

New Asian Performer Coming, and rumor has it, its gonna be good! Stay tuned...........

Bobby James Lee
Well Bobby Lee, that are a nice couple of Mucians you mention there. :)

Jimi Hendrix I have on c.d., what do you think. I am his best fan, since the day I heard his Music for the first time. I was around 9 years old then, so go figure out. I was an early bird what Music concerns, but my parents kept me away from buying certain Music, for they didn't like it at all.

Same goes for Janis Joplin, though I don't have her on c.d.

It is a real pity these Mucians died in such a rotten way. I really feel sad about that. But that is another story.

Travis and Creed are good Music, oh yes. I know them very well.:) Good Music....

The Rolling Stones I have seen performing live...,Great show, I love them. But you are right in saying that they are around and still kicking for such long time now, that they are like an Icon in Music land. Same goes for Paul McCartney, heard him on the radio yesterday with Wings, 'Band on the Run'...

I am sorry to say so, but I really don't like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. They have the looks alright, but do not have the right Music for me.

Hope I don't upset you by saying so. It is just another opinion. No critic on you or what so ever.:)

You have great stories to tell about the Mucians.

Will you please go on doing so. It is real nice to read it all.

Talk to you later.

Have a nice day.

Thank you, Im going to be gone for a bit. That is on the net!

I will however be back on soon.


Then have a nice time Bobby Lee and enjoy yourself.

Talk to you some later.

Tell me another story then. Ok?

Have a nice trip on the net.;)

See you later...
LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes decides to drop suit she had against her first label(Record) with when she was 12. She has resigned.

A good choice if ask me, I

She's a great gal and a good performer. My hat goes off to LeAnn...:)
Faith Hill

I have been watching Faith Hills career for some time now, and I am impressed with her talent as a performer and song writer. She's a good person, wife and Mother. If that's not a hand full, she tours with a band and plays music for the multitudes the rest of the time....

Wonder woman..LoL

Keep up the good work .............

bobby lee:)
Bobby Lee, there you mention two very good Artists.

Really like them both and you are right, great performers both of them.;)

You know the Alan Parsons Project? The album 'I Robot'?
If you have the chance and if you want to, please listen to it.

Great Music, not only that album, but nearly all the albums are wonderful Music.

Don't know a thing about the story behind the Alan Parsons Project, but I will go and try to find some information at the Internet.

Rather silly of me not to know a thing behind it, for I have the Music for more then 20 years...:p

The Alan Parsons Project works with a lot of different Artists who sing on the albums, that is all I can tell you.

Talk to you later.

Tell me more stories, I really like it to read them.

Thank you for that.:)
In 1970, History of today

James Hendrix died on this date in 1970 if Im not mistaken..

Bobby Lee, Jimi Hendrix died in November 1970.:)

Guess you are confusing him with John Lennon.

John Lennon got shot on this day in 1980, Dec. 8...

A ridiculous human came by and did his pathetic deed. To monstrous for words...

His Music lives on...Forever...