Mum or Dad?


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I know nothing about genetics and all, so I need some explanations please.

What do we get from Mum, and what from Dad?

I saw some guy on TV talking about producing new Tasmanian Tigers (Thylacines) by sticking some material into a wombat ova, something like that. He said all the stuff that makes a creature what it is comes from themale, so the female wombat won't pass on anything. Clarifications please?
as i understand it you take the DNA from a cell of what you are cloning

normally you have only half the DNA comes from the mother and half from the father to make the set but if you replace the female DNA (in the egg) with a full strand from a male or female (doesn't matter which) then let it hatch you have an exact clone

thats how i understand it anyway
The cloned embryo will not inherit anything from the surrogate mother. All the traits are in the planted DNA.
It's not that simple. You need the DNA from BOTH parents for higher organsisms (well, at least with mammals and marsupials!
If you just take the DNA of a mammal male and transfer it into an empty oocyte (of course with two copies), the offspring will die. The same happens, if you add female DNA to a complete oocyte. Only the combination of female and male chromosomes will give rise to "normal" offspring. Therefore, it is so extremely difficult to clone healthy animals! This phenomen is called genomic imprinting. This imprinting process marks the parental allele (through chemical modification). So the offspring-cells can distinguish the parental allels. This in turn leads to the phenomenon, that some genes are only active on the fathers OR the mothers allele copy. So some attributes are indeed inherited only from one parent. Example: The instinct to give milk to the offspring. It would be illogical, if the active gene would be transmitted by the father, because the gene-function coud not be tested in the fathers body. It is only logical, that the gene has to be transmitted by the mother.