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I have decided to mention my thoughts of MS and their products.

I have seen computer systems and languages become obsolete over the years, and MS OS's have seemingly swallowed up the market place and pushed upon people it's monopolisation.

This is most noticable in recent years since the US has been dealing with MS in court.

Of course I'm finding that the court settlements that MS has offered laughable, as the very things that they are being complained about for over monopolisation is the very thing they offer.

For instance:

Giving free computers to schools.

Oh yes, the world a better place, everybody only knows how to use MS products all other languages and systems disolve because nobody trusts anything that isn't MS and they manage to keep their Monopoly.

Personally just for this reason I shall ever buy another MS piece of software no matter how acclaimed.

Anyway in 10 years time it will be Obsoleted with Free-OS and languages, which many more people can get hold of the code for.
I have no quibble with your reasoning, Stryderunknown. Apple once did the say thing for the same reason. Because of bad management practices and choices they were absorbed. MS will have its day also. No not be fooled into thinking that this monopoly thing is over yet. There will be other rounds as the issues were never completely resolved. But with each round come to light more of thier business practices. I am very unhappy with the choices presented in the light of what could be. The only good I see is that through MS we are getting a little better standards as opposed to what was in the early days of DOS.
the problem is not with the software, mostly the basis of it are really good and I don't see why not to use it. the problem is with MS business policy i.e. it is forcing us to use it.
I hate what MS is doing, but I don't hate their soft.
I am looking for alternative soft, but so far I have not found anything better than MS office and WIN98 SE(I like NT too, but I want to play games as well) I use IE5 and OutlookExpress too.These are the only one MS programms I use.
recently I have discovered another web browser NEO PLANET, but i have a suspission tht it is made on IE base. I know other e-mail softs as well, but I find OEx more convenient to use.

What I wanted to say is that someone has to come up with smth truly great and put it in market. But we do not know if the new commer will not over time become like MS.
The only chance (i think) is open source software.
Well The main reason that people "like" MS products is just because there is no Opponents.

GUI (Graphic User Interfaces) already existed when MS was still just DOSing around. Take for instance ARCHIMEDEZ computers and their GUI, funny WINDOWS 95 was virtually the same.
Originally posted by Stryderunknown
Well The main reason that people "like" MS products is just because there is no Opponents.

R.H Linux in my opinion is fast becoming a strong oponent.users are accepting it widely.caldera has also joined the race.the problem is with MS's tie ups with the various groups to provide bundled softwares with standard pc,like my own Idiot box COMPAQ.
MS is going on road of obseletion with computer literacy on rise.
to me MS-products are MOST user friendly.they depend on just this thing,that it may help first time users and make their experience better.but as soon as literacy increases Bill gates will have a hard time.
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