MS HARDWARE Research, Cambridge UK

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Okay so at one point Microsoft was on the verge of taking over the known world, placing us all into provinces and charge inconsistant taxes to the glory of a throne.

Okay I have been Hypercritical at Microsoft for their fragrant usage of AGREEMENT terms, that no one agrees to they just click, but if read would tell you that you don't own the software you just purchased. Not to forget to mention that should your house turn into a burning inferno because there product was at fault, they can't be held liable.

Now I've got that off my chest, I'm going to act really Hypocritical of myself and point out a page to Microsoft's Research site

So what has it got on offer to show you in new innovative prototypes that could appear to the mass market?

The XWPen - Being developed by MSR (Microsoft Research) Cambridge England, Simply... Take a normal pen, place in a Gizmo that can't be truly identified as to the prototype nature and Viola, now you to can capture and broadcast to your computer every movement of your pen.

Also the SmartMoveX instead of capturing and broadcasting a pens movements, these are small sensors for capturing body movements, skin sensitivity, light etc.

Why not take a look for yourself :D
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Most interesting.

Thanks, but I still have a grumble with MS software ;)
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