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I would like to voice my protest over certain moderators. I think that the position of moderator in any forum should e based on careful consideration, and the users maturity/responsibility level.

This is not being done. Forum moderator positions are being handed out like candy.

Just thought I would voice my protest.
Maybe we could do this democratically and vote.

The candidates for the various offices could post their "campaign speeches" in a special temporary forum and answer a few questions thrown at them from other members of the board. Then, after a certain date, votes will be privately cast and counted on a "one e-mail address, one vote" method, where everyone who is voting turns in a ballot with their choices for Moderator of each forum. Mudslinging should result in expulsion from the running. (Mudslinging is to be defined as any unfounded derogatory statement made against another candidate.)

How about it? Anybody want to try a hand at a true democracy?

PS: Although I am pleased to accept the assignment of Religious Debate Moderator, I would be willing to put it to a vote.

If you are registering a complaint regarding dexter's appointment, keep in mind he moderates relatively low-traffic forums. Are you volunteering yourself as an alternate choice?

If you are registering a complaint against Oxygen, I see no reason why.

I think it is extreme overkill at this point to elect moderators. I'm more than open to suggestions (and volunteers).

I shouldn't say too much about the software I'm working on currently, but I can tell you that in the future the need for moderators will be eliminated. Future web-based societies will be meritocratic wherein the merit of any one individual will be based on the collective opinion of all members of that society. Such a society is self-regulating and dynamic, eliminating the need for a formal hierarchy of control.

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DaveW....I don't think it matters what the traffic is on dexters forums, I don't think he is qualified to be a moderator.

Maybe in this forum we should post OUR choices for moderators of various forums. I think that Searcher and Lori would both be good choices.
Sure. Go ahead and post suggestions here. However, ultimately the person must volunteer as a moderator. I cannot force the responsibility on them if they are not interested.
I think Oxygen will make a good moderator...But I can see the point that Searcher is well suited to the Religous Debate forum.

What do you think Oxygen? If Searcher wanted the Religous debate position, is there another you would be interested in?
UFOs & the Paranormal is a topic I feel qualified for, not so much for my UFO knowledge, but for my paranormal experiences and the various incidents from the MGM program. I also think I can provide enough material to keep this forum from running into the apparent dead-end that it has. Lately it has been redundant with the Aliens & ETs forum.

If there is a re-shuffle of moderators and Searcher wants the job, I have no problem with surrendering my post to a more qualified individual.

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I guess I should've mentioned that more than one person can be moderator of a single forum.
My next question is "What do I do and how do I do it?"

I guess the answer to the first part is that I need to keep the forum on it's topic and have inappropriate discussions moved to their appropriate forums. I also need to be a peacekeeper and make sure the rules of the board are honored.

So, how about the second part?
Just chiming in my voice...

I think Oxygen will make a great moderator. She's one of the few that seems to keep her head on straight over there in the R. D. forum, unlike the majority of the posters. (myself included - sheepish grin)

Searcher would be a great choice too, if she's interested.

I don't understand why there's a problem with Dexter moderating - sure, his typing is kinda messy, but I think he at least deserves a chance at it, just like anyone else willing to volunteer. So I have to toss my vote in favor of Dexter in the pot too.
My next question is "What do I do and how do I do it?"
I guess the answer to the first part is that I need to keep the forum on it's topic and have inappropriate discussions moved to their appropriate forums. I also need to be a peacekeeper and make sure the rules of the board are honored.


Think of yourself as a well-respected elder in this online society. You have the respect and the instruments of power to encourage positive contributions and to discourage those which are nonbeneficial.
Hey what about me :D ????

Dho!! That's right I'm not here anymore :(

Take care guys,

Say did anyone consider Flash for the job? She's been on both sides remember? That should help with a good fair view.

alright, waht did i miss???? i go to washington for a week and this community is turning against me???? and hudson, if you want to go for these forums, if you think that you are a better cannadate, go ahead. thought i think that i am perfectally quallified for this position. i have been here for a year (this month) and am pretty active, i also have a lot of time on my hands. and its not my mind that cant spell, its my fingers.i jsut found out that i ahve some arthritis in my fingers, so that is my prob.

and one more thing, what do u have against me????

when christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages. i may be young, but i can see a hell of a lot more than you ever did.

-dexter (yahoo sn: rancid242)

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Dexter...I am sure you a great person, and I don't have anything against you as a person.

I don't know why I have consistently attacked you in the might be because you provide consistent targets to attack. I do actually regret any unfounded attacks I have made against you though.

I would definetly warm up to you if you cut out a lot of the stupid shit you do. Case in point: "When christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages"...
That is a stupid quote. It is nowhere near being true, and simply serves to inflame people (like me, even though I'm not christian :)).

Also, that Bill Gates as Hitler image you have now is just as stupid. Bill Gates is no villain, and he has no monopoly (just look at Linux, BeOS, and MacOS for proof).

Anyways, I kind of got off topic with those two little grievances. In summary, I have nothing against you, despite all evidence to the contrary. Sorry if I fucked with you.

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hey, teh gates/hitler thing is a joke... and no prob, all i say is "THANK GOD FOR AEITHEISM" (i know i know... spelling ) but thanx for finally replieing, (and i dont think you can say fuck on the message board, sorry :p)
The dark ages part is still in your signature. I agree with you 100% that atheism is a gift from god, though probably for different reasons.

My main problem with your signature is that it is untrue. Christianity never ruled the world-catholicism ruled europe for a short period of time. Lots of bad things have happened in the name of organized religion, but lots of good things have happened as well. To have a truly global perspective, you must realize the benefits of the catholic church (as well as all organized religion) as well as its shortcomings.