Metakron got me thinking.. (Wtf?)

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Threads should really just be hidden, and not deleted. The moderator should just write in red letters in the first post that the entire thread is bullshit, and that D H and whoever else are the only people you should listen to. Maybe the intellectual actually have deleted some interesting threads, so why not keep them for the quacks and people who just want to know what other people have to say?

I don't delete threads, I send them to the Cesspool, or to Pseudoscience, where they deserve to be.

And, you would do good to listen to DH, because he really knows what the fuck he's talking about.

It's a question of what the admins want Sci to be---is it an intelligent community, where intelligent ideas are discussed intelligently? This includes saying "This idea is wrong because X, Y, and Z. It is not science and does not belong in a science forum." If people take critiques of their ideas personally, should I accommodate that by changing my standards?
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Threads are rarely deleted in their entirety. Like Ben mention most of the time the threads wind up locked or placed into Pseudoscience or The Cesspool. If a moderator deletes a thread and administrator can actually undo the deletion if there is anything worth undeleting.

The only time this isn't the case is if a poster went on a deletion spree, which currently is more difficult than it use to be with the timeout on edits.
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