memento and insomnia

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by ubermich, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. ubermich amnesiac . . . Registered Senior Member

    memento/insomnia, other profound movies

    anyone here fans of jonathan nolan?

    amazing, i tell you.

    memento is the number one existentialist movie, in my opinion. its a twisted version of existentialism, but its the only tenable one, as existentialism (when we loook at it logically) would justify self-manipulation as long as you find that "right lifestyle."

    dyall like nolan's new film: insomnia? i didnt like it as much. but i think its definitely more attuned to the true nature of the human condition. i loved the fact that you saw corruption slowly seeping into pacino's soul, slowly eating at him from the inside out, like a quicksand trap from which you cant escape. the more pacino fought it, the more it took him in.

    the kicker between the two films? i think memento is ultimately a downer, while insomnia's an upper (sorry to use drug reference).

    think about it: with leonard you feel so sorry for him throughout the entire movie, because the ground constantly shifts from under his feet, and hes so naked to the brutal exploitation of the corrupt. yet in the end you relaize nelson does it to himself. he manipulates his memory to give his life meaning.

    insomnia tells us we can break that cycle. pacino confesses to his crimes and tells hilary swank not to make the same mistake he did. dumer (pacino) beats his fate while leonard (pearce) succumbs to it. pacino enslaves his past to his will, leonard BECOMES enslaved to it.

    god, nolan, i love you. anyone know what im talking about? feel free to talk about other gifted directors :darron aronofsky/coen brothers/david lynch/steven soderbergh.
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  3. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    Until Heist I thought Mamet to be quite the director. Spanish Prisoner is a brilliant film that as so many subtlties I notice a new one every time I see it. I think two lines in the movie sum up the entire plot. When Rebecca Pigeon's character tells Joe 'People aren't always what they seem' and later in the movie Steve Martin's character says 'People are generally what they look like, Joe. That's one thing you eventually learn'

    Aronofsky I love. Sure, Requiem is an idiot's attempt at an art movie, but Pi was amazing. Requiem was also a very good movie, just he tried to shoe 6 hours of art into 2 hours. Pi was just plain smart. And Clint Mansell with the Kronos Quartet provide PERFECT music for his movies!
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  5. ubermich amnesiac . . . Registered Senior Member

    what the fuck tyler, are you copying me or am i copying you

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    aronofsky's pi was amazing. insanely amazing.

    to me, its the same undergirding struggling western society's been facing for the last 2000 years.

    it asks and answers: what does it mean to be god?

    i love that shot of the guy, when you see him with the crazy hasidic jews in their little synagogue, where the camera's under his face, and the light's shining from above (like he's been "blessed" or something. and he says something along of the lines of "i am special. god gave this number to me! ME!"

    "flew to high and burnt the wing.
    lost my faith in everything."

    and all those brainshots and the braindrilling? it says godhood is not for us. i love it.
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  7. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa - don't watch the American "Insommnia" without seeing the Finnish version first.

    Or I think it was Finnish - shit.

    And yes, Pi is God.
  8. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    Hahah, ubermich! We're one person!

    Norweigan hunnie, norweigan.
  9. ubermich amnesiac . . . Registered Senior Member

    whos in the original?

    and what has nolan done to twist it around to express his own philosophy?

    or is insomnia just one of those, naturally badass scripts?

    oh whaddya know, thisis my 69th post. ahh, im feeling all sentimental for the time when 69 graced everything cool--from surfboards to sneakers--on the west coast.

    *sniffs* i guess some sex positions just arent good enough for society. *looks at society* damn you! what do you want! huh! how much better can it be than experiencing oral sex from both ends simultaneously! nothing can please you, can it! you and youre standards! *breaks down in eratic sobbing, covers face with hands*

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