Malakas, inadequate behavior

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Doesn't anyone realize that malakas is a troll from spuriousmonkey forums? I'll let you take a few guesses who it is.
You'll have to forgive him for that. I think he may be Greek.

And he's a troll from spuriousmonkey forums you say?
No. Atleast , i do not believe so. It is the wanderer. The satyr.


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Avoid? See now you are projecting your own established conclusions upon me.
It's a release mechanism. How do I avoid reality?
This is a microcosm of reality but one that has no direct ramifications upon me. It is where I can be most honest.

I have tried to explain my positions in public but, except for some rare exceptions, I am met with a bewildered horror.

My positions are controversial, the ones that I post anyways, because the popular opinion is mired in superstition and selective reasoning - stupidity.
My style is this animalistic letting go and it wasn't always like this.

As the Wanderer I tried to maintain a certain civility but was faced with personal attacks and accusations. I changed my style with the Satyr...and he got banned.

That I have to pretend the imbecile boss at work is my equal because I am forced to need the money.
That I have to endure the taunts and insults of children because my options have been restricted.
That I have to pretend other people's opinions are respectable or make sense because I risk social exclusion and so my well-being is indirectly threatened.
redarmy, are you malakas... its just that, the logic points that i was wrong, and this conclusion is correct.

Psychoanalysing this: you think of yourself as the troll and you're annoyed with yourself. Or... maybe I'm the troll and it's me that you annoy?

If that's the case I'm extremely fucking intelligent with a predeliction for self analysis. I'm a self absorbant twat with a penchant for sexually dominant characters and I think I'm pretty fucking clever, even if I do say so myself.
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