Luminiferous Aether Exists!

I mean the following.

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it has nothing at all to do with the general law

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"It is shown that the force exerted on a particle by an ideal fluid produces two effects: i) resistance to acceleration and, ii) an increase of mass with velocity. ... The interaction between the particle and the entrained space flow gives rise to the observed properties of inertia and the relativistic increase of mass. ... Accordingly, in this framework the non resistance of a particle in uniform motion through an ideal fluid (D’Alembert’s paradox) corresponds to Newton’s first law. The law of inertia suggests that the physical vacuum can be modeled as an ideal fluid, agreeing with the space-time ideal fluid approach from general relativity."
Is the statement, "It is shown that the force exerted on a particle by an ideal fluid produces two effects", supposed to meany that there is an ideal fluid that has been put to the test?
'Toward a real synthesis of quantum and relativity theories: experimental evidence for absolute simultaneity'

"Abstract. We have demonstrated spatially-discontinuous quantum jumps of electrons at a distance as long as about 1cm. The effect occurs in a modified integer quantum Hall system consisted of a great number of extended Laughlin-Halperin-type states. Our observations directly contradict the no-aether Einstein’s interpretation of special relativity together with the Minkowski’s model of spacetime. However they are consistent with the aether-related Lorentz-Poincare’s interpretation that allows absolute simultaneity. We thus strongly challenge the fundamental status of Lorentz invariance and hence break the basic argument against de Broglie-Bohm realistic quantum theory. We argue that both de Broglie-Bohm and Lorentz-Poincare theories are capable of providing a real synthesis of quantum and relativity theories. This synthesis is of such kind that quantum theory appears the most fundamental physical theory for which relativity is only a limiting case. In accordance with this hierarchy, quantum theory naturally resolves the problem of aether in Lorentz-Poincare’s relativity. The role of aether could be played by a deeper Bohm-type undivided quantum pre-space, the relevance of which at any lengthscale directly follows from our observations."

"The point is we break the basic argument against pilot-wave theory, that is, the lack of Lorentz invariance. We have thus got two quantum theories, standard QM and the pilot-wave theory, and both are equally successful in prediction of experimental observations. However, their principle difference is that the former rests on mysticism and indeterminism while the latter rests on realism and determinism which is the basis of all current physical theories. As a result, the former encounters serious conceptual problems and can hardly be unified with relativity theory. Conversely, the latter naturally avoids conceptual problems and can easily be unified with relativity or, more precisely, with the Lorentz-Poincare’s version of this theory. In this situation, the choice in favour of one of these theories seems self-evident though it clearly will take some courage to overcome the existing prejudices about quantum theory."

What waves in a double slit experiment is the aether.
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