Lowest age limit for sciforums


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On the registration page the minimum age is 13 but there is a link to a registration page for those under 13.

So is the limit 13 or not?

And the link to the under 13 page doesn't go anywhere.

Good catch, Cris. Users under 13 absolutely can register a normal account. I've removed the text that referred to the non-existent under-13 signup process.

Ok glad to have helped but I have a further suggestion.

Would you consider adding a warning for those under 13, or perhaps just a general warning? Some of the debates, especially in religion can become very heated and emotional; many younger people, and for that matter some not so young, might have trouble dealing with such advanced themes. A warning might be enough to encourage children to be aware and would also protect you from potentially irate parents.

Up until now you have had an age limit posted and you have no knowledge of how many under 13’s have not registered because they saw the age limit.

Hope this helps.
If your going to add a warning you might as well explain that "The people in Sciforums aren't necessary professionals, and there answers aren't necessarily 100% accurate"

I mention that as I know what is like to have been young and get the wrong end of the stick because of something someone said while I was impressionable, only recently did I find out that something I thought was true was entirely false.
Perhaps everyone should post their own disclaimer. See how liable people would leave themselves :)
I'm only 14 and I've never had any trouble with people, "getting the butt end of the stick" etc. The only crap I get is from the mass of ultra-liberals here who despise Conservatives, no less those who know what they're talkinmg about.