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Previous formal debates are linked here. Failed debate proposals are not listed - please review the thread list for those.

The list format is: Proposition, Participants (affirmative vs negative).

[thread=75081]Alien Abductions are happening[/thread] - darksidZz vs James R
[thread=76021]Australia is a xenophobic nation[/thread] - Challenger78 vs James R
[thread=82799]That sex without consent is always rape[/thread] - James R, Bells, Asguard vs Syzygys.
[thread=83220]Homeopathy is pseudoscience[/thread] - Asguard vs Dr. Nancy Malik
[thread=86898]The Earth is expanding[/thread] - OilIsMastery vs James R
[thread=89104]lixluke interviews sisyphus__ about truth[/thread] - lixluke, sisyphus__
[thread=90041]Polygamy should be treated the same way as gay marriage[/thread] - Syzygys vs Tiassa
[thread=90778]9/11 was an inside job[/thread] - scott3x vs Uno Hoo
[thread=90901]Pedophilia is pseudoscience[/thread] - ancientregime vs James R
[thread=98661]Death penalty[/thread] - Syzygys vs James R
[thread=99739]Quran details stuff it would be impossible to know without modern scientific gear[/thread] - scifes vs. spidergoat
[thread=105027]Russia knows more about nuclear weapons technology than the USA[/thread] - chaos1956 vs Dywyddyr
[thread=106965]The scientific method is useless - scifes vs GeoffP[/thread]
[thread=110904]Zero Doppler effect for light reflected from a rolling wheel[/thread] - Tach vs James R
[thread=111043]There is no Doppler shift off a matte wheel rolling between a source and the receiver[/thread] - Tach vs RJBeery
[thread=111142]Lorentz invariance of certain zero angles[/thread] - Tach vs Pete
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