Linkback busted


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I have noticed that the linkback - the little up arrow next to a poster's name in a quote header - is busted (presumably) all the time.


It is supposed to take you back to the actual post that was quoted.

It used to work. I'm not sure if it still sometimes works, or if it has completely stopped working.

It doesn't throw an error in the console.

The href looks like this:

Now, if I copy that (relative) URL, and paste it into Notepad, I get the (absolute) URL:

And the absolute URL does work.

(It seemed to break about the time I started using the Ignore feature, and I wonder if that has somehow confused the software. Yet it is still broken even in threads where I have no Ignored members, so mebbe a coinky-dink.)

So, for some reason the software isn't recognizing relative URLs.