Linguistic Spinner Speaking With Salt and Shimmer?


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Population problems pertaining to people are probably precursors to a potentially problematic paradigm, perpetrated precariously via perversions in political parenting platforms. Rhetoric or rhetorical ramblings related to both rambunctious rebels in rue and more reasoned ratifier's, retired by virtue of reason to refrain from religious rules and rites. The fundamental future formed from the facade of fascism, or is it the facade of fraternal right and ritual found and framed from our framers? Constitution conveyers and cowardess created conveniently to cower citizens, coupled by conquer and rule conquest creating civil combatants of our constitution, namely our bill of rights. Seems a shallow ship to sail the seas of settlement and security, deemed safer than our right - to be American.
Foolish fellow fumbles frequently, forgoing forethought for frivolous fancies. Fanciful notions flit through his feeble mind, leaving him feeling flustered and flummoxed. Folly and foolishness are his faithful companions, and his fate seems forever fixed in failure
The "Logos" applied by virtue of language art, as defined via Greek scholars, used by both philosopher and theologen, and often unwittingly applied via laymen without religious leaning. I think that's likely why our bible scholars founding fathers employed the term "Word" for the application of.

Linguistics - The science of language

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and was God ...
ChatGPT has entered the building.