Lights in the sky over Cheshire

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Did you see the recent programme hosted by Lucy Meacock? I witnessed the lights in the sky mentioned in episode 3 on the M53. Wow what an experience - I saw it first hand! Did anyone else see what I saw????
I haven't heard of Lucy Meacock. I've heard of most of the well-known investigators. Though we don't get much information through to us in the south. I take it this happened in England??
Hi Raebeth, glad I got someone's attention. Lucy Meacock is a famous presenter here in England on UK television. She presents a programme called Granda Reports with Sal Merchandaly. She's great. When you say you are from the South, I take you mean South Wales? Not too far from the M53 then? Did you see anything then?
Em, I'm a bit further south than that. A bit more deep south. I wouldn't get UK channels. What did you see?
Is this the end of this thread? Was there any sighting here? Anything to report? It seemed like this has been just left hanging around forgotten about. Is there no more detail?
Lucy Meacock is not particularly famous in England! Are you watching Sky by chance or one of those trashy Live TV feeds?

Lights have been observed for some time in Cheshire. Along the M53? I will have to look that up.

There is a very minor fault line in gloucestershire perhaps this may have something to do with it? Paul Deveraux of the Earth Lights fame certainly thinks so. If there is a reply to this posting then I will look it up in my archives. You have archives? Afraid so. Only as far back as 1936. Anyone interested then let me know. I only have England and Wales. Scots men wear skirts so that whole area is best avoided.

You know it to be so