Language cassette tapes?


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Hey all. Recently been attempting to teach myself Russian (I'm a native english speaker and almost fluent in spanishn b/c of school). Anyway, i'm using a begginer's text-book and it's really helpful, but i was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on those audio tapes or cds? They seem like they could help with useful phrases and pronunciation and stuff, but i'm wary because all of them state things like "Learn in ten minutes!" or "Quick and easy, no reading needed!" etc. I dunno, for some reason these ad-gimmicks just don't say "A comprehensive product that will actually help you learn the language" to me. What do you guys think?

I know a tutor or talking to someone who's a native speaker would help, as would a formal class or going to live in Russia or a russian-speaking place, but sadly all of these options aren't available at the time.
Find someone who speaks Russian, maybe through ICQ, that would be willing. Icq supports verbal functions...
Blue's Three Step Program to Learning Russian!

Step One: Use those subliminal language tapes. Then you can sleep AND learn! :D

Step Two: Once you have the rudimentary Russian language down (like: "Where is the bathroom?" or "My pants have been stolen"), ship yourself to a deserted region of Russia, and stay there for a year. Communicate freely with the citizens there, and you'll be walking and talking Russian in no time!

Step Three (optional): Call your parents and cry over the phone to get you back home. Be sure to sound convincing. Once they have stopped celebrating the fact that you're still alive, return home and amaze your friends and family with your fluent Russian!

Disclaimer: The above advice should be taken in good jest. Any misleading information should not result in suing Blue.

:D ;)