Ladies, do you snoop?

Have you ever snooped on your man/partner?

  • Yes, but it was for a good cause (yeah right)

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • No, I have more maturity than that

    Votes: 4 40.0%

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I don't snoop, never seen the point. Either you trust someone or you don't. If you don't you either have good reason or you're too insecure to tell the difference.

what if you acknowledge you're insecure, aren't sure whether you can trust your partner but you're not ready to leave them? if you're willing to be a little pathetic then it seems an ok justification. i haven't been in that situation so i don't know how compelled a person might be to seek the truth.

my policy is total honesty, i tell my gf absolutely everything so that anything she might tell me is pale in comparison. that's not something you can do with every gf though, it takes a lot of time. you probably wanna trust them before you can implement that policy, unless you're proud of everything you've ever done.

maybe the poll would be more useful if it had more options
1. yeah and we're still together
2. yeah and when he/she found out it really damaged the relationship
3. yeah and i would never have known what a bastard/bitch i was dating otherwise
4. no i think its pathetic
5. no but i would
5. no i've never needed to
I ticked "yes" (even though I'm a guy and shouldn't have participated :)
And option 3 is correct in my case.

Good points codanblad.
I admit it I have snooped.

Same weight as cheating? :rolleyes: Give me a break!

Mike....I am just going to come out and say it. You really don't have much patience or tolerance for much in a relationship. It sounds like if someone makes a mistake....or is too emotional...or follows an exact prototype in your mind, she is gone. It sounds like you are waiting for Mrs Perfect in every way. Do you really think she exists? I am just coming to this conclusion because of everything you have said about women.

He has said a lot... but if there is a true problem with how he sees women he'll find a partner who shares the same closed-mindedness.