Lacuna Coil

Johnny D

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Have any of you heard of the band Lacuna Coil? I was watching T.V. the other day and one of their songs, "To Live Is To Die" came on. I'm very open to new music so I listened attentively and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then I've downloaded a few other songs by them, all of which are great. They sound like a cross between Metallica and Incubus, with a female on a lot of the vocals... Almost like the band Kittie. Anyway, I was curious as to who else likes them.
Italian goth-metal, and Christina Scabbia is your vocalist; her voice is a bit ethereal for me. I don't own a CD from them, but I downloaded a few mp3s last winter, including Halflife. Pretty good stuff if you like the style.

Thanks for the know. I do indeed enjoy the style and the song "Halflife" is very good. I plan on buying the CD as soon as possible.