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Anyone using JUNO ? I used to use them only as a backup when my regular ISP isn't cooperating. They have this lame idea of trying to get people to let them use our home computers available computing power to perform ,"undisclosed calculations".They would have the ability to send data to your machine (while you weren't using it) for processing. We would be required to leave them on, of course, for them to use.
They are in effect building a super computer, made of all the available power, of a good portion of all their subscribers. (Many thousands at least, of home computers, all performing a related task, for them.) We would be required to allow download of their software.
They say," participation is voluntary" now. But how long will it be before it is required ? If we say ,"No" they'll pull the plug on us.
I'm pulling the plug on them in about two minutes.And I encourage everyone out there to do the same.I may even start badmouthing them all over the internet. The faster they go out of business the better. Just for the sake of ,"What's Right" Am I over reacting? I think not.
Go to Juno.com to read the details for yourself.
I'll be damned if any cigar smoking, overweight, coorperate SOB is going to tell me what I'm gonna do with my computer. I have a better idea of what they can do with every single Terabyte of data they have.
We all need to stand together on this one, or we'll all be flying the red flag with a yellow star and sickle on it.
Thanks for the space to vent.
Vote for what you believe in!

Your dollar and your use of a product is a vote. Use it for just what you believe in. Always. Don't support what you don't believe in.
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Speaking of red flags with stars and sickles:

You wouldn't expect Juno to provide you with a FREE service forever, would you? I think they have a very nice idea on how to recoup their costs and even make a buck -- and when it comes to paying either with hard cash or with idle cycles of your CPU, I think you (or just about anyone) would prefer the idle cycles.

Then again, I'm expecting such projects to become commonplace soon enough, and perhaps even to start providing some kickbacks to the participants, depending on how fast the computer and how much time it donates to the distributed computation platform. Personally, I wouldn't mind if I were getting paid to leave my computer on (it's on most of the time anyway.)
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