Jerusalem in the BoM

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  1. Funny, for a so-called Jewish/Israelish people that the BoM people were supposed to be, how they forgot Jerusalem, Zion, the priesthood, God. Is there any evidence that they kept the Sabbath? Kept kosher? Are any Levites or cohens (priests) ever mentioned?

    Did any BoMer ever make mention of his longing or sadness over the fate of Jerusalem? Here’s a small sample from the Bible, of what I mean;

    In the OT:
    In the NT:
    Can any mormon show us, where in the BoM it says to keep kosher? To follow Sabbath laws? That a Levite or cohen presided over religious observances? That they practiced & had typical Hebrew holy days; like Passover, Tabernacles, Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah? Did they ever mention the Ten Commandments? Or that they were slaves in Egypt? Just wondering if you can show us some chapter & verses here from the BoM to prove your point?

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