islam is the truest way of life

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The problem is that the Muslims here habitually lie, is that because they're Muslims or is it just a coincidence?

And yet, you havent been able to point out the lies. Funyn that. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesnt mean he or shes lying.
I don't think you really want to use that as your life strategy. You should seek to get everything into words and only accept that something is beyond words after you've repeatedly failed to capture it in words. What you are doing now is called - copping out.
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Ah yes, no proof. I see. Sometimes I really think you arent worthy of being called anything related to the encephalon
When it comes to myths and superstitions, there are no "levels" of magic and delusion.
Delusion is fundamentally the same.
Myths and superstitions are fundamentally the same.
The delusion of threats is only surpassed by the delusion of the cult itself.
Lies are the only thing you offer.
Or, more precisely, Islam is myth and superstition, which should be ignored, not accepted as reality.
Myths and superstitions are solutions for the deluded.

Why would anyone be interested in hearing about myths and superstitions
And yet, you're probably here to tell us that YOUR god is the best
Ok, which myth or superstition do you want to analyze?

By all means, feel free to do so. Should be a laugh.

Islam may be attacked, but Muslims aren't. I wonder though what causes you to lie all the time? Is it Islam or are you just an habitual liar?

Yes, Islam is very easy to understand as your last two-worded phrase quoted would demonstrate.

Myth and superstition. Duh.

Your superiority complex is what is dangerous, to those who reject your myths and superstitions.

Clearly, you haven't done any research and are lying to protect your cults beliefs.

Saliva from a dog when compared with saliva from humans allows much less bacteria to grow. In other words, dogs have cleaner mouths than humans.
Then, you should actually take the time to learn something rather than basing your entire worldview on unfounded beliefs.

No, it doesn't, that is irrelevant.

"Stupid is what stupid does." ~~ Gump.

Be my guest. How's the kindergarten playground?

Again, irrelevant. Please try to not use your unfounded belief system as a worldview.

More fallacies, Sam. Please demonstrate how your poor choice of my posts has anything to do with the subject matter? Yes, it was a rhetorical request.

Your elementary belief system is showing again. Have you ever taken the time to learn something?

Hear! Hear! :bravo:

Yes, I did. You would therefore be lying.

See, I pointed out another lie.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! ~~ Pyle.

But, you are worthy to be called a Muslim. :D

Is there any point to this rubbish?
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