Is unico sobreviviente from 2017?

A quick web search turns up this

"unico sobrevivente" is Spanish for "lone survivor".

He's a Spanish guy named Javier who claims to be in 2027 where he woke up alone in a hospital and discovered that his city (Valencia) is empty of humans. He's posted lots of videos to Tik Tok showing empty streets, beaches and stores.

He's apparently become a thing on social media and has a million Tik Tok followers.

My own guess is that it's kind of a social commentary on extreme covid lockdowns.
It's apparently just a promo campaign for a new tv series, called Lone Survivor.
Good find, Sarkus.

The show actually looks like it might be interesting, I hope they produce an English language version and make it available in the US and UK.

It should have been obvious that it was fake, since if Javier is in 2027. how is he posting his vids on Tik Tok in 2021?

I suspected that it might be somebody in Spain's take on covid lockdowns, empty streets, stores all shut...

The plot of a guy waking up alone in a hospital in an empty post-apocalyptic city is a familiar sci-fi trope. Day of the Triffids and 28 days later did it to London.
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