Is SW Keeping Pace with HW?

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It seems to me that it isn't and one of the main reasons is: insufficient protection of copyright.

What can be done about it?

For instance, when each processor has an unique ID, a registred SW application, can call its developer and 'log on'. Thus, the use of an illegal copy can be prevented.
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I wonder it's a matter of insufficient copywrite protection as it is the difficulty of 'hooking' on to the operating system when it's the most popular one going: M$ ;)

Just a thought.
Is SW Keeping Pace with HW?

What hardware? You are still stuck with Pentium 1...6...12...
One still can not afford PowerPC or Sun Micro Processor. Software is cheap, some are free like Linux.

If Sun Microsystems (or Silicon Graphics) really wanted to compete with Microsoft, they would have made their systems cheaper and user friendly. Even their last generation systems can kick butt of any Intel systems.
Copyrighting in the way of Bill Gates is really irritating.i believe all the softwares must be under open source schemes and,no piracy to extent of simply copying,but the whole idea is to get the coding more effectively.take for instance Linux,it was just a kernal when originally made,but due to inclusions of various other application programs it is proving out to be one of the (in Linux)there are thousands of people to make changes,make it more effective,debug it,but there(in MS)there is just a team of programmers.

copyright sucks.think of it.if this guy takes some money for every copy of the software sold,think of our great THOMAS ELVA EDDISON the great inventor of bulb,he would have been even more rich,furthermore Newton,practically everything is using this idea of his,does that mean we have pay?system softwares are educational,not for money earning,Yes ,may be small time application programs may have a copyright infringement.
Does that mean zion, someone will spend a lot of time and provide his/her software, novel , music or whatever creation for free? Does not that go against free enterprise?

Here is a solution. Any work of art, music, invention, story, novel should be given a protection of 10 years like patent. During that 10 years, you make your money. After that it is public property to modify, change, build upon for the benefit of mankind. The only exception should be trade marks, names or stuff that will , when copied, only confuse the public.
Meh, there have always been doom and gloom scenarios... not only for the USA and countries seems to rebound pretty well. I personally don't think America will fall anytime soon.
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