Is Racism Natural?

Is racism natural to human behaviour?

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Humans are part of nature. Whatever humans do is natural. It is natural for some humans to be racist. It is also natural for some humans to transcend racism.
It is deffinitely natural. It is a natural instinct to isolate yourself with people who look like and act like you.
It is deffinitely natural. It is a natural instinct to isolate yourself with people who look like and act like you.

If it is so natural why is there so much literature, speeches, manipulation, cartoons, jokes within primarily certain proselytizing groups? Why does it seem like people need to be convinced? Why are things like economic depressions seen as opportunities for racist demagogues?
Racism WAS a very important quality to human evolution. This will be a long reply to just brace yourselves. First, humans are an intresting species. Being a concious, and intelligent species we are able to identify ourselves, and recongnize that even there are others of race that they are still belonging to the human race. Coming out of Africa, we were one race, then we spread to all corners of the globe, affected by different enviroments, we begain to look different, as well as develope different customs and languages.

In the early days of humanity, racism was a good thing because we were tribal animals. If you saw something, or someone to be more exact different than you, they weren't part of the pack, and proved to be a threat to you and your family. Thats where racism began, so we hated other sub-divisons of humanity.

I noticed posts on that it couldn't be a natural thing to humans. Half right and wrong. It was an evolutionary program inside us, but now with hundreds of years of society intermingiling with other races the evolutionary process is gone, replaced with an intellecutal one. (I don't like using the word intellecutal with anything concerning racism). Young children supposidly don't care about race when they are young. Which is true. Most racism is now inherited by older members of society, which teach children the wrong thing.

To conclude, racism was natural millions of years ago, but now that we depend and live with other racial groups, I think we've replaced the evolutionary fear, with an conscious one. Both shouldn't exist in the new century. I'll be starting another spin-off thread on this. Please respond.


I'm down with that.

Seeing people who are of difference race and color is unavoidable if you can see. Recognizing the differences seen as being racial differences clearly is something learned. At that point its not necessarily a negative thing. Racial prejudice on the other hand, even if it does have it roots in a million year old survival function, at this point and time, can be almost entirely attributed to ignorance.
There are always groups of idiots who are racist. Human's naturally hate something, but it really doesn't make it right.
tablariddim but it's probably something that actually goes against fundamental human nature; survival of the fittest and all that.

"Fittest" is the most misunderstood word in evolution. Think of it more in terms of the best fit. Nothing in particular is "fitter" than anything else. It just a matter of do you fit your environment and conditions well? And the only measure is surviving long enough to have ospring generation after generation. If pacifists fit better than war mongers, they are the fittest. If conditions change then maybe they aren't. The problem with "social darwinists" is they think their agenda represents the fittest, but there are no agendas in evolution. It is just survival and reproduction.
Simon Anders Why are things like economic depressions seen as opportunities for racist demagogues?

The atmosphere of fear, frustration and concern for the future is easily harnessed into hatred of weak out groups.
Instinct and Behavior

A line of thought: Racism may be the conscious experience of an ancient and fundamental mammalian or primate instinct, or a more recently evolved behavior of human ancestors that may have had a similar purpose. The purpose of this instinct/behavior is to preserve gene pools by discouraging excessive interbreeding with other gene pools, which can cause gene pools to merge. This instinct/behavior probably increased the rate of evolution of new adaptations like intelligence in our ancestors, speeding the evolution of new species/varieties through gene pool preservation.

Though controversal, some elements of racism may have sound genetic purpose even in this modern age. If curious, the controversal best seller The Bell Curve explores some of these elements.
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