Is it right for homosexuals to be able to adopt??

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by lucifers angel, Nov 28, 2007.


should it be?

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  1. Mum and dad?

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  2. Dad and Dad?

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  3. Mum and mum?

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  1. Upheaval Registered Member

    I have seen a lot of standard 'family values' type of posts which the religious right are simply gripping in their talons and do not expect to ever let it go.

    I have always viewed the homosexual rights issues as a stepping stones into acceptance and assimilation. It was only 500 years ago that homosexuals were regularly beaten or hanged throughout western cultures (I say western cultures because they are inarguably most advanced and hence show the most proper cultural path because it has survived well and remains superior to all other cultures). The stepping stone that was taken up to now was to at first bring an end to all physical harassments through social evolution and human rights laws, then to even begin to more largely accept homosexuals rather than be bigots against them.

    We are at a point in our culture when it is a social faux pax to publically denounce a person simply on the basis of his sexual orientation. Private thoughts about the people may be the same but it is at the very least not acceptably to publically denounce them.

    We are certainly ready in our culture to accept the unions of homosexual couples into a legally recognized marriage. However I do not feel our culture is ready to allow these couples to adopt and raise children.

    This statement is unfortunately completely dependent on the mentality of youth in schools. Homosexuals are not accepted until the later high school years (if at all) which will provide a poor lifestyle for them inside public schools. A bad start in life can (and in most cases will) negatively affect the entire life span of a child. Now the adopted child is not assumed to be a homosexual, but if his parents are this will be a known fact by day 2 of 1st grade, things like this simply become public information through rumors and hearsay. The child in question will be picked on, he may be abused, and his start in life will be severely faltered.

    Until our youth culture socially evolves to a point where children are not taught (or spontaniously decide) to dislike those who are different, we cannot allow, as a society, to permit homosexuals the right to lower the start of innocent children simply because they want to experience the feeling of being parents. Unfortunately nature, and evolutionary due process, has decided that children are the result of heterosexual couples, and homosexual couples are not capable of producing a child, their desire should be met by more nature-guided means if they intend to satisfy their desires. Society as a whole is simply not ready to accept homosexual couples adoption, as unfair or wrong as this may rightly seem.
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  3. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member


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    only 5 states in the US prohibit it. I think our culture was ready a long time ago.
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  5. Kernl Sandrs Registered Senior Member

    Why shouldn't homosexual couples be allowed to adopt? I mean, it's not like heterosexual couples are perfect and immaculate. There's a lot of horrible parents out there, and I'll guarantee they're all heterosexuals. Why would a homosexual couple fight for their rights, and then screw it up like that? I wouldn't doubt their abilities to be parents.

    How about this proposal?

    You live your life, I'll live mine. I wont care what you do after 9pm when you close the shades and are home alone, and you the same to I.

    Why do we have to get so involved in other peoples personal affairs?

    What if Homosexuals were the majority all of a sudden, and began to question whether or not heterosexual couples should be allowed to own something, do an activity, etc?

    I bet you wouldn't like it if people who have different lifestyles than you started changing the rules and telling you to behave like they do, to conform to the social norms.

    in short,
    Just go to work, get paid, go to the grocery store, go to sleep, repeat. Pay your taxes, and keep living your life the way you want, and let other people live their lives the way THEY WANT.
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  7. Pit JAADD Registered Senior Member

    Agreed. My parents divorced when I was 12 and it turn my life upside down. Yet they are better parents (according to the religious kooks and other discriminators) than a homosexual couple simply because they are one man and one women. I say their marridge was bad, yet we have no laws to prevent bad couples from marrying. Why?
    (Note: I do not like the idea of couple screening before marriage. But I think homosexuals should be given the same rights as everyone else.)
  8. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    i believe anyone should beable to adopt. woman woman. man man. woman man
    because your sexual prefference has 0 effect on how good of a parent you are.. i know lots of people who came from abusive families that were man and woman.. i know may gay couples that would be better parents than most..
    They adoptee had to be given up for some reason or another why not let anyone who financially stable keeps there house in order has there heads on straight beable to open there home with loving arms to a child

    its outragous this is even a topic, whats even more outragous is that you have to pay for the child your adopting thats absolutly fukin retarted
  9. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

  10. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    Some heteros are great people and would make responsible and nurturing parents. Others are utter shits. Same goes for gay people. Why the hell not judge by merit rather than something as ridiculously irrelevant as sexual orientation?

    Yes, if they are fit to adopt, they should adopt. No child should be denied a good father or mother just because that person is gay.
  11. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    Homos have something to prove, they might try harder to be good parents.
  12. John99 Banned Banned

    As a child i needed to know that breasts were available. Even if i was not breast feeding i had the need to know they were present. Perhaps this is psychological. TBH, i would not mind lesbians adopting me and more for nurturing purposes. That said, i am not really steadfast one way or another and they can be good parents just depends on the individual.
  13. Bells Staff Member


    I'm sorry, but what?

    So even if you weren't breastfeeding, you had to know that your mother's breasts were "available" and present?
  14. John99 Banned Banned

    Thats right.
  15. Bells Staff Member


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    Umm.. Okay.

    To each their own I guess.

    I just need to ask however. When did your obsession with your mother's breasts end? How old were you?
  16. John99 Banned Banned

    That is an obsession.

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  17. Bells Staff Member

    I'll word it differently. When did your need for your mother's breasts to be present and available, after you'd stopped breastfeeding, stop?

    I mean when you were a toddler? As in 18 months or something when you would probably have stopped breastfeeding and felt comfort at being held by your mother..? I stopped breastfeeding just after my son was 15 months, and within a month, my son never even looked at my breasts for nourishment. Hence my curiousity.
  18. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    so what your saying is that bottle feeding is as "bad" as being a homosexual?

    Interesting view point concidering the whole INDUSTRY which has sprung up around formula. Personally im all for breast feeding because of the health benifits to mother and child and the longer the better (for instance the WHO recomend AT LEAST 2 years) but still your comments are apsoloutly STUPID. Edipus complex much????

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  19. John99 Banned Banned

    Asguard, i was not even breast fed nor have i even seen my mothers naked breasts. Well my biological mother died when i was 3 years old.

    I am saying that, for some reason, knowing they were there afforded me security.
  20. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    I think you just associated breasts with security. Someone giving you a tight soft hug, etc.
  21. Thoreau Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up as I haven't completely read the past 15 pages of discussion...

    But what if, for example, a gay man who was married to a woman and have children then ended up divorcing his wife and later married another man? Do you think this would have any different affect on the child/children than it would had they been born into a same-sex relationship? I have a few friends whom have done this very thing. Please keep in mind that they did not get married specifically to have kids. They simply didn't accept the fact and weren't ready to deal with the fact that they were gay at the time.
  22. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Please be aware that the term "homos" is potentially offensive. Try to use more neutral language in future.

    Now, what do you think they have to prove?
  23. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

    M*W: Just curious, but which five states are you talking about?

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