Is freedom of speech a bad thing?


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Little story to start this idea with:

I am, at the moment, am a Sophomore in HS. I had an idea some time ago about making a web site where people could express their opinions about teachers, classes, school sports/teams. After some debate about a site of this sort, I have been laughed at by some, thought a loser with too much time by others, encouraged by one or two, and discouraged on several grounds.

Two of the most important discouragements have come from the school administration and... my mom :) hehe.

The school administration pressed the issue legally, pointing out that if i insult the school or any teacher in any way on the government can step in and bring down the site. I have send a letter to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and have not gotten a response regarding the validity of this.

My mom addressed the issue morally saying that teachers are very hard workers for a wage lower than a lot of other professions and so should not be insulted by ignorant teenagers.

It is obvious that freedom of speech is a good idea, to an extent, but can cross the line. All i want to do is to allow people to express their opinion... Would this be crossing the line?

Another thought: Absolute freedom is chaos, so is freedom of any kind bad?
We have been taught from our earliest age that freedom is good, but is it? Keep an open mind :)